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Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords

‘This boy’s a fool’…

The entries for the October caption competition demonstrated readers’ wit and attention to detail.  Several produced entries based on Anthony Barnett’s hand gesture, others the look on my face, and one or two very individual observations.  I thought some of … Continue reading

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October caption competition

For this month’s caption competition I have selected a picture taken from an occasion some years ago when I was interviewed for Al Jazeera England by Sir David Frost.  I was appearing to discuss electoral reform with Anthony Barnett, who … Continue reading

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Oh dear

I have previously written about the different ways I have been addressed in letters.  I have had mail addressed to LNO Louth, Lord Louth, and Lord Norton O Louth, and letters opening with salutations such as ‘Dear Lord’.  This morning … Continue reading

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Another milestone

Last week, the blog reached, and now well exceeds, 200,000 views since it was created just after the last general election.  That means it is averaging about 50,000 views a year, which I gather is not bad going.  The traffic … Continue reading

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Recall of Parliament

Last Friday, both Houses were recalled to discuss military action in Iraq.  When the recall was announced on Wednesday, I spent some time correcting media reports that the Speaker had authorised the recall of Parliament.  The Speaker can only authorise the recall … Continue reading

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The West Lothian Question: the answer is not the solution

Lord Irvine of Lairg, when Lord Chancellor, said that the best way to deal with the West Lothian question (named after Tam Dalyell’s constituency, but actually dating from home rule debates in the 19th Century) was not to ask it.  … Continue reading

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You know you are old when….

I shall be writing in greater length on constitutional issues shortly, but for the moment I thought I would pen a few comments on age.  It struck me that in a few years time, mention a ‘car tax disk’ to … Continue reading

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