Reason to be grateful

I was talking to a friend about the election campaign.  He is following it avidly.  He finds it fascinating.  ‘We have nothing like this at home’, he said.  He comes from Burma (and cannot return home). 

We don’t always appreciate how fortunate we are.


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Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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7 Responses to Reason to be grateful

  1. Carl.H says:

    Tomorrows debate should be interesting TV, though it`s been limited to just 8 questions I believe by GB.

    Aside from trying to figure out if I`m voting for a party or someone to represent the constituency, I`m also trying to work out who has the worse policies. It seem`s like rule them out not in to me.

    I don`t think Labour will get back in they`ve infringed on too many privacy`s, it`s been the ultimate nanny state for too long now. Typical Union people trying to run every aspect of life.

    I just hope they all stop stating what the others won`t be able to do and tell us what THEY WILL be able to.

    May be worth a shilling or two on the Lib Dems if Cameron carries on about hitting benefits etc., the working class know the Tories too well. If Clegg comes across well tomorrow it`ll be a close run thing.

    • Lord Norton says:

      Carl.H: The debate will indeed be intresting. I am familiar with the presidential debates in the US and am conscious of what candidates have to gain and, possibly more significantly, what they have to lose. Some candidates have lost out notably in the debates (Jimmy Carter, Michael Dukakis and Walter Mondale) and, I would argue, Gerald Ford’s gaffe in the second debate cost him the election in 1976.

    • Carl.H says:

      Lib Dems got that one.

      Cameron came across as ill prepared and repetitive. ( Though on the minute and a half got my wifes vote). Many missed opportunities such as the £26B wasted on IT over the last years, £780m spent moving depts and much more. He seemed to lack knowledge and wasn`t at ease.

      Brown just a spiteful schoolboy having a go at Cameron at every opportunity

      • Carl.H says:

        I was deeply concerned on the issue of expenses how the three all deflected any criticism towards the HoL and how they all favoured an elected body.

        GB on talking about the cost of politics and savings to made, made great play on how he would half the HoL numbers thereby making vast savings. What nonesense !

        My fear is the ruination of a system by politicians who are less honourable than those who they seek to replace.

      • Lord Norton says:

        Carl.H: I agree with you regarding last night’s debate. As you say, the comments on the House of Lords were designed to deflect the question away from members’ expenses. I have now done a post on the issue.

  2. Frank Summers says:

    My sincere best wishes to your friend. Burma has many winning qualities as a nation. I hope they shall see better days…

    I have not been there but have met some of the exiles and others abroad.

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