Seeing the light

There is an excellent article in today’s Daily Telegraph written by Ferdinand Mount explaining why he was wrong to support proportional representation:   “It took me several decades to fall in love with electoral reform. It has taken me less than a week to fall out of love again.  Like many disillusioned lovers, I feel nothing but disgust and shame at my folly.” 

I was also very gratified to see that comments I made on the blog about hung Parliaments were drawn on in an article by Philip Johnston (“Coalition Government: can they make it work?”) and the paper’s leader.


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3 Responses to Seeing the light

  1. Senex says:

    One of the problems I have now that I am old is that I tend to seek the comfort of the familiar. The other problem I have is that when I was young I was very critical of older people feeling that they lacked flexibility, leopards unable to change their spots.

    Now we have a green alliance that seeks to improve the political environment (in the art of the possible, blue and yellow make green) I find myself unable to be critical of two young men in the prime of their life wishing to shape the future, to do something different from what has gone before.

    The old guard may be able to argue the case for FPtP but it has allowed an outgoing government to abuse the honest dignity of the electorate.

    Everybody seems younger than me these days and like all young people they are flexible, so irrespective of any logical arguments they may just want to do things differently if the green alliance can hold together.

    PS: For technical reasons I am unable to return to LotB in the short term.

  2. James Walker says:

    Hmm, Mr Morton does make some good points on politicians intepreting the election how they want.

    However, I’m unsure about his point that a Lib-Lab pact could lock the Tories out of a majority, after all, even if they’re combined vote was over 50%, there is nothing to stop their core vote from eroding.

    I’m starting to wonder if we should seperate the legislative and executive powers, so we can have a strong executive body, and a representative legislature.

  3. ladytizzy says:

    The agreement between LibDems and Tories, apparently:

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