Quote of the day

A friend to me the other evening:

“I almost read your blog today.”

Not quite sure what constitutes the appropriate response…

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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9 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. Jana says:

    “the appropriate response…”

    Silence, came the stern reply …

  2. Carl.H says:

    ” Oh don`t worry, it`d probably be way over the top of your head ” !

    • Lord Norton says:

      Carl.H: Except (a) he’s read it before; and (b) he graduated with a First…

      • Croft says:

        I know some people with firsts who can barely function outside of a library or courtroom. Some of the cleverest people I’ve known have had 2nds and in one case a 3rd – as a result of spending 99% of their time at uni representing their uni/country at a sporting event.

      • Carl.H says:

        Sorry I didn`t realise he had a First in………

        Of course it should then be…

        ” Oh don`t worry, it`s just a load of idiots who haven`t got a first, infact some are not qualified in anything, thinking they know better”.

        Yes I feel insulted !

      • Lord Norton says:

        Croft: Hmm. I have a First. As for my friend, I should mention that I taught him and that we have throughout my years in the Politics Department in Hull managed to maintain high standards. The only students who graduate with an Upper-Second or a First (and we don’t give many Firsts) deserve them.

  3. franksummers3ba says:

    Depending on the person:

    “Well, Your Grace, I appreciate the consideration. I am considering an almost readers group for my most discerning near readers.”

    “I expect my junior colleagues to choose either lies or flattery and not settle for half baked euphemism.”
    “Thought should proceed speech in this graduate progam.”
    “I don’t oblige my undergraduate students to share every thing that might become a thought with me.”

    Of course silence is equal to all occasions…

    • Lord Norton says:

      franksummers3ba: All somewhat more imaginative than what I actually said: ‘What do you mean, almost?’

      • Frank W. Summers III says:

        Lord Norton,
        I really do speak like that on occasion. But it comes of a combination of a certain type of reading and loneliness. I assure you that in the years after Hemmingway, Fleming and Ludlum your words are much more likely to leave one bothe liked and respected. However, the duel only became hidden here in 1865 and until then was a feature of every country club. A style of speech goes with that institution that has not yet died out in my ever shrinking world.

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