Clegg cries off

I shall not now miss Nick Clegg’s appearance before the Constitution Committee of the Lords on Wednesday.  The Deputy Prime Minister has decided he cannot attend as he has to appear before the new committee on constitutional and political reform in the Commons on Thursday, and as the proposed reform Bill will be introduced in the Commons he felt he had to appear first before that committee.  

We shall now be seeing him in October.  At least by then we will be clearer as to the Government’s legislation – and I can make the meeting.  It’s firmly in the diary.


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Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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7 Responses to Clegg cries off

  1. macarthursmutterings says:

    and now you have time to think of some even more probing questions

  2. Chris K says:

    That may be the official line, but I suspect he probably reads this blog.

  3. Carl.H says:

    I do wonder if David Cameron is trying to be shrewd with Nick Clegg seeming to be the public face of everything.

    Aside from Mr. Grive, sorry Grove, sorry Goove, sorry Gave, Sorry Mr. Gove who is at present #1 in the press Nick Clegg seems to be the face of the Government.

    Now for a man who actually heads a party that got less votes/seats than in the previous election he doesn`t seem to be doing too bad, position wise. Is David Cameron just following his old public school tradition in having a “fag” or is it more than that ?

    October is a long way away and rather than awaiting the official Government line of reform, which no doubt and possibly quite rightly will be thrown out, I`d like to see the Lords start implementing some of their own reforms.

    • Lord Norton says:

      Carl.H: By being responsible for constitutional and political reform, and with that about to dominate parliamentary time, the Deputy PM is certainly to the fore. On your last point, I very much agree that we should be implementing some of our own reforms, of the sort advocated in yesterday’s debate on the working practices of the House.

  4. Croft says:

    I would assume Carl that DC is simply sureing up the coalition and NCs position in his own party by letting him run with the constitutional reform measures earlier than planned.

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