Hull’s finest – four years on

This is the last of the photographs I have of the graduating class for British Politics and Legislative Studies (BPLS) students (unless, that is, I am sent any more).  This is the graduating class in 2006, a rather select group.  As with the earlier pictures, not all those graduating are necessarily present on the day.  As you will see, on this occasion the graduates adopt a slightly more formal pose than those of more recent years. 

As with some of those on earlier photographs, readers who work in Westminster may recognise some of the faces.  Three of those in the picture returned to work in Westminster, two for Liberal Democrat MPs (one for an MP now in the Cabinet) and another for a leading Conservative MP.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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9 Responses to Hull’s finest – four years on

  1. franksummers3ba says:

    Quite a tradition you have going. Now what some of us are wondering is what percentage of responses typed under your Lordship’s name are actually the product of your fine young minds interned in this program?
    I refer you to the inspiring example of the US Supreme Court where we train and confirm people at enormous expense from the most demanding legal channels we have. Then one battles through dozens of lawyers and clerks working quite hard, next one goes through several layers of still quite Trojan ethic Federal or State Judges. What when life liberty and fortune and fortune or at stake does one get?
    An opinion which almost all parties believe is almost entirely written by a bright young clerk with several rich months of legal experience is what you get. Tell us Lord Norton are you really a fine young 28-year- old mind in some cases?

  2. Lord Norton says:

    franksummers3ba: If my name attaches to a piece of work, then it is all my own work. I like to think, though, that my mind is still that of a 28-year-old. I haven’t changed much over the years!

  3. franksummers3ba says:


  4. Ashley Roden-Bow says:

    I had forgotten it’s been four years since this was taken! Hopefully we don’t look much older, even if at times we may feel it…

  5. Umer Khan says:

    Hello Lord Norton,

    Since the photograph I’ve smartened my hair and trimmed my beard. Also working, not in Westminster but at Local Government Improvement and Development.


    • Lord Norton says:

      Umer K: Very good news (about the work that is; I tend to avoid commenting on hair) – I must arrange for you to be included in the Politics Graduate Directory. You should be hearing something soon…

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