More fame…

According to Total Politics, The Norton View is among the top 100 Conservative blogs.  

Just in case you think this means it’s at 99 or 100, it actually came in at 56!  Given that I presume someone voted for the entries, thanks to all those readers who did so.

Given that this is not especially intended as a partisan site (more for my particular musings), all that’s needed now is to come in within the top 100 politics blogs.  One day…


About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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9 Responses to More fame…

  1. Frank W. Summers III says:

    Congratulations Lord Norton!

  2. djb13 says:

    I really hope this isn’t a Tory blog, or I’m voting for the wrong parties.

  3. Len says:

    Congratulations Lord Norton! I confess, the Total Politics blog vote had passed me by this year, but I’m still glad to see this blog doing so well.

    • Len says:

      Also, I was pleased to hear you’re going to put yourself in the spotlight again by contributing to Litmus, the limited edition cross-party blogging newspaper (LibDem Voice, Left Foot Forward and ConservativeHome are all contributing) for the party conferences! I look forward to reading your contribution.

    • Lord Norton says:

      Len: It more or less passed me by also – otherwise I might have organised a campaign or at least drawn it to the attention of readers!

  4. Lord Norton says:

    Thanks for the very supportive comments. Given that (a) I didn’t organise a campaign (I didn’t even vote) and (b) the blog has only been up and running since April, it’s very gratifying that it did so well – and amazingly came one place ahead of Boris Johnson’s blog.

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