And the winner is…

There were some good entries for the latest caption competition.  Some were especially funny.   I thought David Rostron’s first entry was very good, though I thought if I selected that there was the danger of sending out the signal that in order to win each time you had to make reference to the provision of cakes in my classes.   (Incidentally, on that point – any students reading this, we start classes on Monday…)  His second entry concerned football, so that was out. 

It was a difficult choice.  Jana’s entry made me laugh, and Liam’s second entry was rather good, but I have decided on joint winners with:

Ashley Roden-Bow:

Miller: I thought we’d all agreed that gold trim and coloured gowns were “a bit much”.  Now I feel underdressed…  It’s showing off, it really is!”


VB: Really? I have to hug hoodies now?

Both clever and funny.

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Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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One Response to And the winner is…

  1. David Rostron says:

    I’m very sorry but I could not let this pass without an attempt at humour. I promise never to mention cake or sport ever again, well not until next time.
    A little footnote.

    Baroness Bottomley “A word of warning, don’t eat all the cake and don’t mention sport, Lord Norton does not ‘do’ sport”

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