Quentin Letts and the parallel universe

I must confess that I am not a reader of The Daily Mail.  I was talking earlier to Charles Walker, the MP for Broxbourne, who mentioned in passing ‘I see Quentin Letts had a go at you this time; he’s always being rude about me’.  I tracked down the article to which he was referring, penned by Quentin Letts in last Wednesday’s edition of the paper, and the offending extract:

“Another windbag was at the Public Administration Committee.  Lord Norton of Louth  (Con), a politics lecturer from Hull, was giving evidence about quangos and seemed opposed to the idea of a slimmer state.

Charles Walker (Con, Broxbourne) tore into him with gusto, complaining about the squadrons of propaganda officers employed by quangos to pester parliamentarians.

‘Yes, several of them are my graduates,’ said Lord Norton.”

Not quite my recollection of events!  Apart from the reference to graduates, that is.


About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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7 Responses to Quentin Letts and the parallel universe

  1. Carl.H says:

    “The doorkeepers struggled against the bandit of sleep, ­applying speed friction to their cheeks to stay awake. Clerks ­doodled and sharpened their ­pencils until the lead snapped and they had to start again.”

    Ah I see, a wannabe J.K.Rowling. He just cannot seem to make up his mind who is his Voldermort.

  2. ladytizzy says:

    Politics lecturer? Ouch.

  3. djb13 says:

    Stephen Fry once said the proudest thing he owns was a badge given to him by Phil Jupitus. Seeing as I don’t have a physical one to give you, have this digital representation. (I hope the HTML tags work).

  4. Croft says:

    While I don’t read the mail either I always thought Quentin Letts had just the right style for a parliamentary sketch.

    • djb13 says:

      Quentin Lett’s style is to slag off everyone any anyone who isn’t a hard-right, socially-conservative Tory. Simon Hoggart in The Guardian (I admit a bias here to being a Guardian reader) is much nicer, and in my mind funnier. Being a good sketch writer in my view, means that you have to be good at over-extended analogies; have a wry, bordering on funny, writing style; a genuine interest in Parliament (something you really can’t fake); and a fair-handed attitude (that doesn’t mean that you always do exactly the same to both sides, but it does mean poking fun at your side and being nice to the other side at-least every once in a while).

      I forget his name, but the sketch writer in the Indie’s pretty good too, although (and this might have changed since I stopped reading the Indie regularly) they don’t have sketch every day, like the Guardian. Can’t say I’ve ever read a sketch in the Times or Telegraph.

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