Good call

Travelling back to Hull last Thursday may not have been a particularly good idea (as well as, in the event, being unnecessary – the meetings I was meant to attend on Friday were cancelled) – but at least I made a good call in deciding to catch the penultimate Hull Trains of the evening rather than – as is my usual practice – the last one.   I probably got to Hull on the last train to make it through.   Passengers who caught the last service of Hull Trains – the 8.30 p.m. departure – made it as far as Doncaster but were unable to go any further because of the snow.   Because Doncaster Robin Hood airport was closed, the airlines had booked all available hotel rooms in Doncaster for their stranded passengers.  The result was that the Hull Trains customers had to spend the night on the train!  At least I managed to make it home that evening. 

Snow update.  The snow remains on the ground in Hull.  Last Thursday evening, as I reported previously, it took a neighbour and two passers-by to get my car over the snow and ice into the drive.  On Saturday morning, it took my neighbour, my neighbour’s wife, another neighbour and two or three passers-by (not necessarily young) to help push it out.  Being brought up not to be dependent on others, it was all rather embarrassing, but too late to shout ‘it’s okay, I’ll risk walking in instead’!


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3 Responses to Good call

  1. Carl.H says:

    There is nothing quite like a disaster or near disaster to bring out the community spirit in people, though you may have been embarrassed I`m sure they were only too pleased to help. The fact of them being good samaritans would have made them feel good.

    Like your good self many are only too pleased to pass on knowledge or help in anyway they can, sometimes it does them good to let them.

    We still have many icy sideroads here in the South East but main roads are clear, will all be gone the weekend when temperatures are forecast for +5C for a couple of days at least before going down again.

  2. ladytizzy says:

    Your neighbours must be devotees of the Big Society – or they saw you eating in Tesco. No matter, they are clearly wonderful and caring.

    I am in the habit of placing vases of flowers in the back porch (they keep longer) but their water froze completely a couple of nights ago – the first time I’ve seen that!

  3. Lord Norton says:

    Carl H. and ladytizzy: I agree that it brings out the best in people. I was not the only one to be helped. I noticed when another car had problems negotiating a bend, a couple of passers-by immediately went to give the car a push. I just felt embarrassed as I was sitting comfortably in the car simply having to steer.

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