A different type of Lord

Amazon thought I may be interested in a new book entitled The Young Lords.  One can see why it may appear of interest.  However, as the Young Lords was the name derived from a Chicago street gang that evolved into a national protest movement in the USA, it is not something that I will need to add to my shelves housing my books on Parliament.  Admittedly, though, it may be relevant to the shelves housing my books on protest movements in the States.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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9 Responses to A different type of Lord

  1. Carl.H says:

    I had noticed in a recent picture(?) that a lot of the books on your shelves related to the Labour years of Blair & Brown including I think one about Cherie. I took this as evidence of the old adage ” Know thine enemy”. There was even one titled ” Harold Wilson” !

    One could be forgiven if when walking in your office one thought you batted for the other side, so to speak.

    Can you not put forward a motion to make books all of an equal size just so everything is tidy ? As an ex-military man books are ranked by size so they appear neat and tidy, unfortunately the wife as an ex-accounts worker has to have things in alphabetical order which makes things easier to find. Guess who wins ?

    • Lord Norton says:

      Carl.H: My books are arranged in terms of subject matter. I just happened to be sat in fromt of books on the Labour Party when the photograph was taken. From another angle, one would have seen my books on the Conservative Party. The camera would have had to swing round completely to capture some of my books on American politics. However, I am never photographed in that part of my office, since one would see through to my adjoining room – my annexe – which is considerably less tidy than my principal room!

  2. Carl.H says:

    One would assume that being as the photograph appears on the Lords blog and the wearing of the tie that the room is infact your office in Parliament. I know from another picture that is not the case although it could be confusing to some.

    • Lord Norton says:

      Carl.H: I have previously shown the two offices side by side: I may do so again, if only to demonstrate the constricted space we have in the Lords. The way to remember the difference is that I have never been photographed in my office in the Lords.

      • Carl.H says:

        “SpaceOvercrowded working conditions can damage health and productivity and increase the risks of fire and other hazards.
        For these reasons inadequate working space is illegal, and under the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 employers must ensure, as a minimum that 11 cubic metres should be allocated to each person.
        Remember that 11 cubic metres may not be adequate if the room is cramped with equipment or furniture. The regulations propose that in an average room, where the ceiling is 2.4 metres high, a floor space of 4.6 square metres per person is necessary. If the ceiling is three metres or above, the minimum space decreases to 3.7 square metres.”


      • Lord Norton says:

        Carl.H: It’s the House of Lords. We certainly have high ceilings! We are also exempt from Health and Safety legislation, though we voluntarily comply with it.

        I should add that peers in the Palace appear to prefer their cramped offices to the prospect of moving to nice spacious offices in the new Millbank site. In our office, we have made it clear we have no interest in moving – and it would be a brave official who tried to take on the Baronesses in the office.

      • Carl.H says:

        “We are also exempt from Health and Safety legislation, though we voluntarily comply with it.”

        This type of thing has stop. We cannot go on with this one rule for them another for us.

        I cannot find evidence to back up the statement you are exempt, but believe his Lordship. However what I do find is Parliament using Health and Safety Regulations to stop FOI requests which puts a different perspective on the supposed exemption. Yet again another area which makes Parliament look shady and self indulgent.

        You cannot expect to be respected when you make the rules but do not want to live by them. If Laws or regulations cannot be applied to Parliament they should not be applied to the people of this Nation. How can Parliament represent the people when the code that it lives by is entirely different.

        “In our office, we have made it clear we have no interest in moving – and it would be a brave official who tried to take on the Baronesses in the office.”

        Oh that the Baroness was fighting for the rights of many old people whose care homes have been closed by Councils. My Lord you HAVE to live by the rules that you elected the people live by else what are you, French or Russian royalty awaiting the revolution ?

  3. Frank W. Summers III says:

    Lord Norton,
    Whatever counterculture the Pearly Kings may have to offer not withstanding, many times the most serious movements to challenge culture in the UK have a republican symbology. The obvious example is the IRA but there were also the Republican Clubs which formed a sort of secret patchwork of serious people mobilized on a variety of real issues at about the same time that The Reform Club gained legitimate ascendance. However the United States is one of the world’s longest-running true republics and the serious oppositon often employs royalist (not necessarily monarchical) symbology. That includes the Knights of Labor, the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, the Knights of the White Camelia, the Latin Kings and apparently the Young Lords.

    This complex aesthetic reality and its relative inevitability have long been recognized in the Acadian and Acadian Allied Carnival Tradition. Although the English term and practice was called “Days of Misrule” within this period that Misrule actually formed part of a very ancient custom. According to these ancient pre-Lupercalian principles (still sacred to some as wedding ancient Magi customs to the comemorating of the Time the Christ Child spent in Pagan Egypt after being visited by the Magi) a Royalist regime (usually a monarchy but not always nor exclusively) should have carnival rites and rituals comemorating Periclean Athens, The Roman Republic, Cromwell’s Protectorate and other customs amidst the pagan festivals between twelfth Night and Ash Wednesday. On the other hand republics like the US and other should have royalist carnivals (which we mostly do). A period of transition in Carnival customs is necessary after a great shift in which one modality is disestablished or a new blend made in which the “out” mode is established. While it must seem odd some (including me) take all this quite seriously, However, my only point here is that the connection of symbologies is distinct from that of political systems. However, it is also true that in all things that run deep and dark into human fabric there are connections not so easily seen. Probably there are some values the Privy Council’s most distinguished Peers share with these idealistic thugs and with King George Tupou V’s 33 or so hereditary peers that none of the three groups just mentioned share so much with much of the US or French governmental institutions. Brits like to speak of Monarchy and not so much of royalism. But royalist values are more personal in the end than are republican ones (as the terms sugggest). This can show through in practical ways.

  4. Gar says:

    “Young Lords was the name derived from a Chicago street gang”

    You never know it might do the power of good at Hull university!

    One for the bookshelf!

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