Talking about the Lords

In commenting on the previous post, tory boy and Alice Stretch were both kind enough to comment on my modest contribution to last night’s Westminster Hour programme on BBC Radio 4 when Baroness d’Souza, Lord Knight and I discussed the future of the House of Lords.  Anyone interested can listen to the programme here.


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Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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6 Responses to Talking about the Lords

  1. Frank W. Summers III says:

    Lord Norton,

    The entire program and your comments particularly were well worth listening to, thanks for the link. The future is going to reveal itself by becoming the present, presently.

  2. Alice Stretch says:

    Thank you for mentioning me in this post although I know if others had heard it (which will be rectified by you posting the link) they would have done the same.

  3. Carl.H says:

    Taking this off topic a bit.

    I skimmed the Hansard for the Parliamentary Voting and Constituency Bill Committee for yesterday and my thinking was the Government have to be careful what they are putting forward. A lot was made on the Government side of one vote being equal no matter where in the UK, I think they should be a lot more wary of this.

    One chance in a lottery of course is equal but £1 worth of power should buy you exactly that and of course it doesn`t under FPTP. If your candidate is not elected in essence your vote was worthless except in stats, you don`t get your pounds worth.

    I can see where the thought is coming from but by saying this they are only a whisker away from promoting PR.

    I am also at a loss to where the 600 figure has appeared from especially in light of evidence suggesting 640 MP`s were returned in 1945 with a population a lot less than now. Constituent representation should also be taken on population not eligible voters as the MP has to represent all. The result of a drop to 600 MP`s will of course mean more power to less and I do not believe the Government side when it states it has not done any research into how it will affect the partisan make-up of the Commons, however if true that no research has been done then why not ? Surely this is necessary ?

    This is an extremely complex bill that I do not think should be lumped together as it is. The issues should be researched thoroughly and I do not believe this has been done nor do I believe will it receive the time necessary for a fair outcome.

  4. tory boy says:

    I know that whipping is normally not that strong in the lords but I am watching lords proceedings online (live of Committee stage of the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill) and their is a division on an amendment by Baroness Thorton relating to your people and the electoral register. I am impressed that many of the older peers take their job seriously, I have just seen Baroness’s Sharples, Williams & Lord Howe in the chamber all are over 80, I am sure that when the division list is published it will show many more of the older peers were around to vote. Well done for them staying in their place of work or should i state place of honor still at 19:07 pm!!

  5. Lord Norton says:

    tory boy: There are indeed many stalwarts in the House, including the Baronesses in my office. I should add that I took part in the division!

  6. tory boy says:

    I presume you voted Not Content? I could not describe Baronesss O’Cathain, Knight and Fookes better my self if I did it would be along the lines of good, strong Conservative ladies flourishing with commons sense! I think stalwarts does them justice! I look forward to welcoming all three Baronesses to Lords of the Blog.

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