House up

The House rose (or ‘House Up’ to use the terminology) at 12.53 p.m.,  after sitting continuously from 2.30 p.m. on Monday afternoon.  It was certainly a marathon session, though little progress was made and more heat than light was shed during the proceedings.  Not yet sure if we are in for another marathon later today…

UPDATE: It appears today will not be another marathon.  We should rise by about 10.00 p.m. – so I may get some sleep tonight and, indeed, manage to get out of the Palace after approximately 30 hours.


About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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8 Responses to House up

  1. djb13 says:

    I hear a new version of The Overnighter has already been produced.

  2. Dave H says:

    Given that the government want to link AV with all the boundary changes and reduction in MP numbers, has anyone discussed what happens if the Bill gets passed but AV is rejected in the referendum? That would sort of decouple the two issues fairly drastically.

    One has to wonder whether anyone is in a fit state to make rational decisions on a complex subject after 22 hours. If it continues for the next couple of days at the same pace, will anyone be fit to vote rationally at the end of it?

  3. Carl.H says:

    There are actually Health and Safety issues here and although the House exempt in reality, the noble Lord did state the House generally complied. My personal opinion is that no one should be exempt except in exceptional circumstance which this is not.

    This would bring into play the definition of “job” & “work” and I think that the Lords do need this defining. If not a job or work exactly what is it ? Why the remuneration from the taxpayer on a day-rate ? No one healthy should work 22 hours in 24 let alone the fact some are geriatric or disabled.

    • Lord Norton says:

      Carl.H: Peers apparently are holders not of a job but of a dignity. I’m not sure Health and Safety legislation covers a dignity.

    • ladytizzy says:

      A new injury claims ad, perhaps?

      Cue random peer: I was making my way up the steps when, all of a sudden, I tripped over a napping Baroness who shouldn’t have been there. For minutes, I suffered from traumatophobia…

      • Carl.H says:

        Brlliant Lady Tizzy, I could actually visualise and hear that in my mind.

        Holders of a dignity ? A high rank ? True aristocracy ? Paid to be better than others ? For just turning up ?

        I`m sure Health & Safety would ensure my dignity was covered.

  4. tory boy says:

    Further to my earlier post about injured members i notice that the Earl of Onslow is in a wheel chair, Lord Lord (even though that is not his new name) was on crutches and dear old Baroness Trumpington was on two stick not the normal one yesterday!

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