Hull’s finest – the Class of ’83

Here’s a very jolly picture from almost thirty years ago, showing Hull politics students who graduated in 1983, along with some members of staff.  I’m sat second left on the front row – I’m sure instantly recognisable – with Professor Jack Hayward, who remains in the Department as a research professor, stood on the far right.  Behind him is Dr Victor Funnell.  Sat on the far right is Neil Elder.  Nestling in the back row (almost hidden) is Dr Ed Page, now a professor at the LSE. 

The student sat on the far left is Ken Batty, who chaired the politics student society, the Machiavelli Society.  (He is now Director of HR for Lenovo, the multinational computer firm.)  Names of other students in the picture include Lee Evans (stood, far right),  Rob Putrell, Simon Mockford, Bill Carey-Evans, Jeremy Gough, and Sheldon Howcroft (all on the back row) , Liz Ashcroft, Mark G. Ward and, I think, Gerard Armstrong.  I’m busy trying to put names to other faces.  If anyone recognises any of them, do let me know.

It doesn’t seem like nearly thirty years ago…

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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17 Responses to Hull’s finest – the Class of ’83

  1. franksummers3ba says:

    Lord Norton,
    Machiaveli might be a good patron to prepare one to function well in the Chinese business community. My experience as a former instructor and foreign expert at the Shandong Institute if Business and Technology I suppose gives me some kind of right to opine there. I think Lenovo still is deeply tied to China, I know it was.

    Nostalgia seems apropriate today. Twenty-five years ago almost to the hour I was interim Catholic Campus Minister at Louisiana State University at Eunice and had gathered some of the engineering students and a few other interested people to watch the space shuttle launch. The shuttle and crew were destroyed in a massive explosion shortly after launch. While I actually had my bones of contention with some of the things planned in that flight it was a sad and shocking moment. The shuttle program is scheduled to end soon and time keeps flowing onward — our sense of it never changed a calendar. This date is now a National Memorial holiday and is NASA remembrance day for all members of the NASA family killed in spaceflight.

    I sometimes meet students who have lived complex lives since I taught them. Some have died. I think a teacher of any kind is made aware of such flows of time as some others can largely ignore.

  2. Carl.H says:

    Like a fine wine………….

  3. Ken Batty says:

    I also recognise:- Tony Wild (sat next to Neil Elder), Rob Eadie (behind Gordon Robson), Ian Bird (maybe Byrd) (next to Mark Ward) and of course the man (I apologise, the nobleman) in those days known as Dr Norton (front row, half mast trousers)

  4. sheldon Howcroft says:

    A great photograph and I remember my three years at Hull University very well. Liz Ashcroft is actually Liz Ashford, who I believe is happily married with three children and can be seen carrying an OFSTED clipboard at a school near you.
    I sometimes hear the wisdom of Dr Norton on radio 4, always good to hear his voice although what he makes of this lot in power at the moment god knows.
    Jane Stevens, Kevin Collins will be in that photo somewhere.

  5. Wendy Maycraft says:

    I was also a member of the class of 83. I remember Ed Page teaching me a a young PhD student

    By sheer coincidence the day that you published this thread – January 28 2011 – I was defending my own PhD thesis at Uppsala University in Sweden

  6. Wendy Maycraft says:

    Is that Steve Erlick in the beige sweater next to Lord Norton?

    I think the girl in the white jumper with blonde hair is Janet Newman

    I think the girl in the red and black might be me – it certainly lookds a lot like me with the pony tail – but perhaps it isn’t as I don’t remember the red jumper

  7. Jed Bartlett says:

    Jill Taylor stood behind you, slightly to the right

  8. Rob Peutrell says:

    30 years! I well remember this photograph being taken. The prevalence of v-neck sweaters is quite shocking. I still recall your seminars with affection – despite a very different appreciation of Parliament. The Commons in Perspective is still on my bookshelves. Ironic that young Batty is on the far-left of the picture. Next to me, back row left, is Declan McNally, with the big grin and beard, and next to him, Mick Dillon. Not sure I left Hull with any academic glory, but my passion for politics remains. See you on the March for Jobs, Growth and Justice in Manchester on October 2nd? Or maybe not.

    • Lord Norton says:

      Rob Peutrell: Many thanks. Sorry about the spelling of your name. Now that you mention Declan McNally and Mick Dillon, I do indeed well remember both of them. Mr Batty will be very pleased to be referred to as ‘young Batty’, mainly because that is how he continues to describe himself, though he will take issue about your surprise at his seating position: he regards himself as a man of the left.

      • Rob Peutrell says:

        It would be interesting to know what effect (if any) studying politics has had on this bunch of former students. Was it just a degree? If I had to identify one thing, it was that whilst writing an appallingly bad 3rd year dissertation on community action, a door was opened onto the world of participatory, grassroots politics. Through that dissertation I got involved in a local housing action group and discovered a radical left very different from the traditional top-down / managerialist left. And I kept going …

  9. Mark Astbury says:

    Is it Victor Funnel next to Professor Hayward?

  10. Sheldon Howcroft says:

    Liz and myself are retiring from teaching at the end of this academic year after 33 years at the chalk face. You get less for murder!!! We both look back on our three years at Hull University studying politics with great pride and joy, It was a fantastic experience which set us both up for life. How about a reunion?

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