Dissecting the Fixed-term Parliaments Bill

The Fixed-term Parliaments Bill had its Second Reading yesterday.  In my speech, I was concerned with process as well as with substance.  The Bill was being rushed and the Government’s response to the Constitution Committee report on the Bill was, to put it mildy, rushed and somewhat inadequate – rather like the Bill itself.  On the substance, I expressed concerns especially about the definition of a vote of no confidence, or rather the lack of a definition.  You can read the speech here.

The Bill did not attract many speeches in its support.  Concerns were expressed in all parts of the House about the haste with which it was being introduced.  There is no obvious need to rush and time needs to be taken to get the content right.   I put several questions to the minister, the usually sure-footed Lord Wallace of Tankerness, but in his reply he managed to respond to only one.   It will be interesting to see if he writes to respond to my questions, but his silence spoke volumes….


About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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5 Responses to Dissecting the Fixed-term Parliaments Bill

  1. franksummers3ba says:

    Lord Norton,
    For over-determined reasons I do not comment on LOTB anymore and I no longer read it daily. That is relevant because I used two search engines to find it instead of going through my link system. Instead of sending me to Lordsoftheblog.net which is the one which has been easily accessed for a long time it sent me to Lordsoftheblog.wordpress.com. I did not notice this at the time. I clicked and ended up in an impenetrable labyrinth of things with a notice that LOTB was blocking all but selected viewers. I am sure that most viewers will be unaffected by this even if it is permanent but I felt it might be worth mentioning to you. One never knows which influential chance meeting never occurs because of a technical situation. I have checked this before telling you and “.net” was very open from several of my accounts and the other was the same as before. All this has only happened today.

    • Lord Norton says:

      franksummers3ba: I am not a technical expert (or much of a technical amateur for that matter) but I wonder if you are being redirected to the old (pre-election) Lords of the Blog site…

      I am naturally pleased that your access to ‘The Norton View’ remains unaffected.

    • Carl.H says:

      Lordsoftheblog.wordpress.com was the old site, the new is hosted on it’s own domain at lordsoftheblog.net. The new domain presumably owned by Hansard allows much more technical and aesthetic changes to the user.

      If done properly the old site should automatically redirect to the new. As far as I can see the old has been locked by admin.

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