Spreading the word

Photograph by Andy Barker, courtesy of Sheffield City Council

On Friday evening, I visited Sheffield, my old stomping ground where I did two of my degrees.  The city has changed enormously in recent years.  I was there to speak to the Liberal History Group on the Parliament Act 1911 and subsequent attempts to reform the House of Lords.  It was a useful occasion to develop my analysis of the 1911 Act – in preparation for the History of Parliament annual lecture later this year – and to promote the case for the Lords to an audience that is more inclined to favour an elected House.

I was told in advance, though, that I should not assume that everyone took a different view to mine.   When the second questioner of the evening opened by making a powerful case for retaining the House of Lords as an appointed House, I realised that I was not alone.  I also took plenty of copies of my Stevenson lecture – I think virtually everyone who attended took a copy – so the case for an appointed House did not go unsaid.  I’m always willing to take the case for the Lords into seemingly inhospitable territory…


About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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6 Responses to Spreading the word

  1. ladytizzy says:

    Apologies for o/t:

    I’ve been trying to work out what happens to Short money if AV comes to pass – has any work been done on this?

  2. michael says:

    Lord Norton said
    ” I’m always willing to take the case for the Lords into seemingly inhospitable territory…”

    Strong arguments combined with a fever for a polity in good conditions will survive everywhere and, insofar, contribute to re-thinking by the audience, if there are figures willing to visit inhospitable territories who are able to present the cases – This is, in my view, the additional content or value of the teaching given by Lord Norton at his old academic home.

    with hope that the return of the teaching functioned as a ‘fountain of youth’ (with winkking eyes:’trying to tell me something’)


  3. Carl.H says:

    “Spreading the word”
    You had me worried, I thought this was a Zarove & Maude blog !

    Education is the way but making those who don’t want to see can be an impossible task. Having Shami Chakrabati onside is an enormous plus, I do so admire her and her work. She deserves membership though I feel her impact would be lessened inside the establishment.

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