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The royal wedding

The royal wedding proved a great occasion.   At the centre was clearly a happy couple – smiling and waving throughout – and operating in the context of a ceremony that was flawless.   When it comes to pageantry, we have few … Continue reading

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It is not an advisory referendum

I am surprised by the number of people who think that once the result of the referendum result is known, it will then be up to Parliament to pass an Act, if it chooses to do so, to introduce the Alternative … Continue reading

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Quality readership

I rather assumed that readership of the blog would fall over the weekend, not least with it being Easter.  (The figures certainly fell on Lords of the Blog.)   In the event, readership hardly dipped at all – into three figures … Continue reading

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Shall I write?

“The Liberal Democrats are threatening to report senior Conservative figures to the electoral regulator after accusing them of misleading the public over the impact of changing the voting system.” Daily Telegraph, 25 April 2011. Hmm, just wondering if I should … Continue reading

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Who will win?

The speaker at the Political Studies Association annual dinner last night was Tony Wright, former MP and Chair of the Public Administration Select Committee.  During his talk, he asked for a show of hands of those who would be voting … Continue reading

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Royal succession

I did a post in January on the moves to dispense with male preference primogentiture (the first born son succeeding) in favour of absolute primogeniture (the first born child succeeding) for the monarch.  This is again in the news – I did an … Continue reading

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The English Question

I am in London this week attending the annual conference of the Political Studies Association (PSA), or rather I’m spending the week flitting between the PSA conference and the Lords.  Although both Houses are in recess, there is a fair … Continue reading

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Conservative leaders are not elected by a form of AV

Why on earth do supporters of the Alternative Vote (AV) claim that the Conservative Party uses a form of AV to elect its leader?  Paddy Ashdown was doing it earlier today.  Some also claim that the French elect their  president … Continue reading

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What a journey

I see that the radio programme ‘Any Questions’ was cancelled last night because the panellists could not get to Durham for the programme.  I think I know why. I was speaking yesterday, on the Big Society and universities, at a … Continue reading

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Any guesses?

Any guesses as to what the turnout will be in the referendum on 5 May?  I may offer a prize if any reader gets it more or less spot on…

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