Where am I?

This is the only picture I have seen so far of those attending the speech in Westminster Hall by President Obama and where I can see the back of my head.  Anyone with a few minutes to waste is invited to enlarge the picture and see if they can locate me.  A clue: I am sat at the end of a row with an Archbishop sat in front of me and a Baroness sat behind me.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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11 Responses to Where am I?

  1. Jonathan says:

    It’s tricky, even from the high resolution version found on Flickr. The picture’s not clear, otherwise it should be easy to spot either of the two archbishops!

    I reckon, as you look at the picture, you right of the central aisle in the second block of seats back, four rows from the front.

    • The Duke of Waltham says:

      Argh. I had to meddle with HTML code, didn’t I? That link was supposed to extend only up to the comma (there’s also a leftover “of the” at the beginning).

      • Frank W. Summers III says:

        T_DOW (your gangsta rap name?),

        It makes a really impressive looking link however…

    • Lord Norton says:

      The Duke of Waltham: Welcome back and well done. Once one locates the two Archbishops, one can work out where I am.

      • The Duke of Waltham says:

        I do not like giving the impression of trying too hard to impress, Mr Summers…

        I also do not like rap music. Although, I must say, I have been thinking of something more along the lines of “Da Duke of ‘ham”.

        My Lord, when I commented above I had not yet watched the entire video. I did see, later on, President Obama greet both the Archbishop of York and Your Lordship, thus conclusively confirming my secondment (i.e. before your confirmation). I did not expect the hand-shaking to last fifteen minutes, but an incredulous suspicion entered my mind when Mr Obama’s speech ended around the forty-minute mark in a video lasting one hour…

  2. Right of the aisle, second block of seats, four rows from the front. You’re on an aisle seat in front of a lady wearing light blue clothing and I think red glasses!

    This is you shaking Obama’s hand. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7163355/nortonobama.png

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