Caption competition

Not that I am one to milk an opportunity for all that it is worth, but I thought the picture of me in Westminster Hall may make a good object for a caption competition. 

There will be a commendation, possibly even a prize, for the reader who supplies the best caption for the picture or offers the most humerous suggestion as to what is being said.


About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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21 Responses to Caption competition

  1. Chris K says:

    “I once saw you on TV in Mexico…”

    • Lord Norton says:

      Chris K: Well remembered. I have just recorded an interview for an Ameican radio programme, so now the President can tune in for my more recent observations. It’s rather encouraging than an American radio show is interested in the House of Lords.

  2. Frank W. Summers III says:

    Lord Norton,

    Surely there is nothing worse than someone who multiplies and iterates somthing beyond all reason. Once is enough for almost anything I would think:

    1. “You place your fingers on the grooves of the basketball. When I pass to Baroness “Hoopster” Hayman just watch my hands.”

    2. “You can each have one of these pins with the POTUS seal. No need to push and shove.”

    3. “Honestly, is Lord Norton as tall as I am or not?”

    4. LN: “Mr. President I would like to welcome you to Westminster. I studied in America.” POTUS: ” I studied in Indonesia but does that make me an expert on Islamic politics?”

    5. POTUS: “Really, I see you object, but if the Nobel Prize set-up was a 10 I cannot give this above an 8.78. You will have to let it go…”

    6. “The man with the stick is not rushing me through here. I am from Chicago…”

  3. Paul n says:

    “Mr President, would you not agree that an elected House of Lords would be a disaster and that the key to any successful democracy is the concept of core accountability? Feel free to call if you fancy discussing Lords reform”

  4. David Rostron says:

    President Obama : Tell me Lord Norton what exactly is AV.
    Lord Norton : Well Mr President AV is quite simple, the one that wins is everybody’s second choice, ask the Labour Party.

  5. J.D. says:

    Obama to Lord Norton: “Really? No-one else mentioned I had to bring cake.”

  6. I was at the President’s address too LN, albeit quite far to the back!

    Incidentally you may recall you and I having a discussing some months back about my producing some articles on my blog regarding Lords reform. They are all up now, would you care to check them out?

  7. ladytizzy says:

    LN: Yes, the Lords are always looking for experience and expertise and, yes, as a leftie you showed great promise but, unfortunately, the APP Table Tennis Group is full.


    POTUS: Great job, Your Graciousness. Your tips for my speech sure went down a storm.

  8. Cyril says:

    “If I shake enough people’s hands I’ll have to find the Lord Chancellor eventually.”

  9. Lord Norton says:

    Cyril: In that case, he was heading in the wrong direction…

  10. Lord Norton says:

    All very good. I shall announce a winner shortly…

  11. Lord Norton says:

    Once you announce the result of a competition, you please the person or people who win and upset everyone else. On this occasion, in deciding the winner of the caption competition, I fear the result upsets everyone who entered! Rather than make a choice, I handed the decision over to a friend. He thought by far and away the funniest comment was not one submitted in response to the competition but rather one offered in response to the initial post.

    As a result, the winner is, well, me. The winning caption is:

    ‘This is a historic occasion. The photograph will certainly be one for the album. You do have an album, don’t you, Mr President?’

    • J.D. says:

      Hahaha, I’ll gladly concede defeat with that offering. Will you be rewarding yourself with a piece of House of Lord’s branded chocolate I wonder..? =D

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