Working on the lecture

It has been a fairly busy week, though the principal reason for the light blogging has been the fact that I have been busy working on the lecture for next week’s Speaker’s Lecture on Enoch Powell.  

Powell had a rather varied and extensive career.  Much has been written about him, which you may think is a great advantage.  The only problem is that not all the sources are factually accurate.  Checking for accuracy can be a time-consuming exercise. 

One biography of him records, for example, ‘he ended [the Second World War] as the youngest Brigadier in the British army, the only man in the entire war to go from Private to Brigadier’.  Neither fact is correct.  He was one of the youngest brigadiers but not the youngest and he was one of two men to be promoted from Private to Brigadier during the course of the war: the other was a rather remarkable individual, already a Conservative MP who was reputedly the person on whom Ian Fleming modelled James Bond.  You’ll need to attend the lecture, or listen to it (it will be broadcast later on the Parliament Channel) to find out who it is….


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4 Responses to Working on the lecture

  1. David Rostron says:

    Would that have been Fitzroy Maclean by any change, he wrote an excellent book ‘Eastern Approaches’ about his time in Russia followed by the seceret police during his travels, then to North Africa before working with Tito.

  2. Stuart says:

    Ah, that’s really going to bug me now. There was quite a nice portrait of him in a meeting room in the National Army Museum when I worked there… just can’t quite think of the name. Curses!

  3. Huzzah for the Macleans!

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