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Speaker’s Lecture

I delivered my lecture on Enoch Powell last night as one of the lectures organised by the Speaker, John Bercow, to mark the centenary of the passage of the 1911 Parliament Act.  I focused on Enoch Powell as parliamentarian and what … Continue reading

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That’s a new one….

As regular readers will know, I get letters addressed in all sorts of ways.  However, today I received one that began ‘Dear Baroness Lord Norton’.  Hmm, not sure how to respond.  Any suggestions?

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What is the point of…

Smiling too much to be Victor Meldrew What people do with their bodies and their lives is entirely a matter for them – I am not in the business of dictating what other people do – but what exactly is … Continue reading

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Keeping up with Turkish politics

Turkey has just held elections and in this morning’s parliamentary mail I received a copy of Turkish Review.  This brings back memories.  Only readers who graduated from Hull Politics Department many years ago will be aware that we used to … Continue reading

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Working on the lecture

It has been a fairly busy week, though the principal reason for the light blogging has been the fact that I have been busy working on the lecture for next week’s Speaker’s Lecture on Enoch Powell.   Powell had a rather varied … Continue reading

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Caption competition

Not that I am one to milk an opportunity for all that it is worth, but I thought the picture of me in Westminster Hall may make a good object for a caption competition.  There will be a commendation, possibly … Continue reading

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Catching up

After a recess, other peers often ask how I spent it.  Mostly, the answer is ‘marking’.   No sooner has essay marking been completed than it is time to get on with exam scripts.  I am surrounded by them at the … Continue reading

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