A new milepost

Today, the blog reached a new milepost.   I started The Norton View just over  a year ago, during the pre-election period of purdah when Lords of the Blog was not operating.  The blog appears to have attracted a quality readership, apparent from the comments.  It has built up a regular readership as well as attracting a number who arrive through serendipity, having typed in search engine terms (some quite esoteric) that brings them to the blog.  

The blog has now been viewed over 75,000 times, which I believe is not bad for a modest enterprise of this sort.   The views per day have increased in recent months.  Fortunately, I know from comments from several regular readers that this is not the result of one person visiting the site 75,000 times.  I hasten to add that the figures do not include my own visits to the site!

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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7 Responses to A new milepost

  1. Frank W. Summers III says:

    Lord Norton,
    Seventy five thousand views does not compare very impressively with most pop star sites but while I do not own the @ $1,300 Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory for even one year myself I would bet that there are many serious journals on topics we have discussed here that are in the 5,000 to 10,000 copy range annually and that may be a rough equivalent. Here none of those of us who comment nor you who post have to pay for all of the considerable costs of paper media and so it is anappealing institution — thus far.

    • Lord Norton says:

      Frank W. Summers III: Becoming a pop star may be a little extreme in order to boost readership figures. Mind you, with my singing voice (I use the term loosely), it may have the opposite effect…

      You are also very diplomatic in pointing out that I am cheap. The site, that is.

      • Frank W. Summers III says:

        Lord Norton,
        Unfortunately I have a basis for comparison. I have engaged in public nonsinging musicianship, singing, interpretive reading, acting, speaking and writing. None of them have secured me a large fortune or broad fame but the fans and enthusiasts of hearing me singing my own stuff to my own accompaniment have been the smallest of all of those groups.
        As to diplomatic intimations I am also sadly sincere. Indeed your Lordship, if even forty eight cents were added to the cost of each of these comments then I fear mine would be less frequent…

      • ladytizzy says:

        So, the rumour that Simon Cowell sacked you isn’t true?

      • Lady Tizzy,
        Untrue all though I might be about as liquid as a released American Idol contestant from a season or more ago….

  2. macarthursmutterings says:

    Congratulations on a year well done, I always enjoy coming to this blog, and am now curious as to what some of those “quite esoteric” search engine terms are that bring people here…..

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