Hull’s finest – Class of ’97

I recently discovered in my files a photograph of the British Politics and Legislative Studies (BPLS) graduates of 1997.  When I showed it to a colleague in our Departmental Office, she observed ‘Oh, don’t you look young?’  Hmm.   I am flanked by two colleagues, Terry McNeill and Philip Cowley.  Behind me are Angela Smith-Hughes (now with the Corporation of the City of London) and Chris Walden (Public Affairs Director at the Association of Colleges); bottom left is David Sinclair (Head of Policy and Research at the International Longevity Centre – UK): all three have done sterling work in identifying their fellow students in the picture.

Back Row, L-R: Helen Giddings; Emma Croot; Stuart Eyles; Maurice McCormick; Helen Smith; Angela Smith-Hughes; Christopher Walden; Kerry ??; Joanna Clason; James Elliott; Danny Wilkinson; Lindsay Andrews; Tom Smith.
Front Row L-R: David Sinclair; Paul Harvey; Amanda Avanessium ?; Terry McNeill ; Prof Norton; Philip Cowley; Kelly ??; Sara Smith; Louise Makin.

The Department at Hull would be keen to hear from anyone in the picture who is not already in touch.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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4 Responses to Hull’s finest – Class of ’97

  1. Can’t believe it’s 15 years since this photo! I think Kerry’s surname was Geehan.

  2. Fehmi rezeg says:

    Kerry geehan

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