House of Lords is now being recalled…

There has now been a change of plan and the House of Lords is being recalled.  The announcement was made this morning.  The House will sit tomorrow (Thursday) at noon for statements on the disorder of recent days as well as on the economic situation. 

The media can now at least report that both Houses have been recalled and stop treating Parliament and the House of Commons as synonymous terms.


About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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5 Responses to House of Lords is now being recalled…

  1. Chris K says:

    One last appearence as Lord Speaker for Lady Hayman then!

    • Lord Norton says:

      Chris K: Yes,indeed. When I saw her at the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, I asked if it was her last formal commitment as Lord Speaker. She said it was – subject to no recall of the House!

  2. Edward Brunsdon says:

    I understand for the HoC it is the PM & Speaker who agree on the recall. Who takes the decision on the HoL ?

    As for the bad reporting – some of these reporters also seem to think that the United States House and “Congress” are one and the same.

    • Lord Norton says:

      Edward Brunsdon: Under Standing Order 17, the Lord Speaker has to authorise the recall. Indeed, I have variously come across commentators who are unable to distinguish the House of Representatives and Congress.

      • Frank W. Summers III says:

        Lord Norton and Edward Brunson,

        While entirely inexcusable, this may be in part due to an analagous pair of practices. We say “Congressman” or “Congresswoman” only for members of the HoR and really “Member of Congress” is reserved for them 90% of the time. While MP is only used for the HoC in your case. I think that has some merit in excusing confusion among our fourth graders, or your second formers perhaps, it is no excuse at all for a journalist…

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