Eton and Cambridge

Eton College

No, not my educational background, but rather speaking engagements.  Now that my main public lectures are out of the way for this year, my principal engagements outside the normal academic and parliamentary commitments are speaking at schools at colleges.  Last night, I spoke at Eton College on constitutional reform under the coalition.  Next week, I’m speaking at Franklin College in Grimsby – I now speak there on an annual basis – and at the end of the month I’m speaking to the Cambridge Union Society.   The New Year will see a fairly busy schedule of visits to schools in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire as part of the ‘Peers in Schools’ programme.

There’s also just one more conference before the end of the year.  Next month, I have to be in Paris to address members of the National Assembly on the concept of opposition.


About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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15 Responses to Eton and Cambridge

  1. Tory Boy says:

    What is Lord Hunt of Kings-Heath’s brief on the Labour front bench today he came in on a FO question!

  2. Frank W. Summers III says:

    Lord Norton,
    Does one customarily address the entire student body at Eton? Or when one uses the word college in the name is that British code for the older forms? Or something else, perhaps is obvious to some. I would be interested to hear a bit about the specific arrangements if you get a chance to reply or post again…

    • Lord Norton says:

      Frank W. Summers III: I was speaking at Eton but not to Eton, at least not in terms of the whole student body (it has over 1,000 pupils). I was speaking to the College’s politics society.

  3. Croft says:

    “I have to be in Paris to address members of the National Assembly on the concept of opposition.”

    I did have to think for a second if that was a joke 😀

    • Lord Norton says:

      Croft: I know, but for some reason looking at the concept of opposition and how oppositions operate has become of interest to a range of legislatures. This will not be the first talk I have given recently to parliamentarians on the subject.

  4. ladytizzy says:

    “…I have to be in Paris to address members of the National Assembly on the concept of opposition.”

    Best keep it to opposition within France.

  5. Edward Brunsdon says:

    concept of opposition –
    for some reason the idea of a circular firing squad comes to mind !

    • Lord Norton says:

      Maude Elwes: It would be nice if they were earners, little or otherwise! Far from generating an income, there have been occasions when I have incurred costs in undertaking such speaking engagements. The financial aspect is rather secondary as far as I am concerned. I am by vocation a teacher, so I am always keen to take up any opportunity that enables me to convey the results of my research.

  6. ladytizzy says:

    A bit upset that Lord Sugar didn’t respond to me on LotB. Sending photo to Don Corleone:

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