Lady Trumpington on form

Lady Trumpington

I know a number of readers are great fans of Lady Trumpington, so this story about her reaction to a reference by Lord King of Bridgwater to her age should prove of interest.  She was clearly in characteristic form!

Baroness Trumpington has a reputation for her contributions to debate and for ensuring that she manages to make her point.  Woe betide any peer who seeks to intervene at Question Time when she has already got to her feet.


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9 Responses to Lady Trumpington on form

  1. Jonathan says:

    Interestingly the Mail article also makes reference to a certain regular contributor of comments on your blog posts, with a message I’m sure we’ve all wanted to give to that person from time to time!

  2. Tory Boy says:

    A great lady, I thought that the two fingers was in referance to her and Baroness Sharples, being the only two Baroness’s to have lived through the war? I think Jean is wonderful long may she carry on!

  3. Croft says:

    36k hits on youtube what would Lady Trumpington think of that!

  4. Edward Brunsdon says:

    I was most suprised by the lapse of tact by the usually extremely diplomatic Tom King.

  5. maude elwes says:

    See how a naughty girl can make a name for herself without offering her cleavage as bait.

    And what is more cheering? This lady got all the way to the top rung, in times we are now consistently advised, as anti female, without the need for an all women’s list. Or, special arrangements to be sure the middle class men don’t crab all the top positions they are unworthy of. ..Which proves overwhelmingly and most satisfyingly, that ‘women’ are equal to men without the need of a leg up.

    And I thought the picture of her in that really nice sitting room, showed her as a very attractive lady! I liked the figurines as well.

    She is a woman to be proud of. And Blagger should know that.

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