Keeping the audience awake

I spoke yesterday at Franklin College in Grimsby, speaking on the constitution under the coalition and then on presidential power in the USA.   A number of pupils in the audience were wearing pyjamas.  It was Children in Need day.  At least I assume that was why they were wearing pyjamas.  My talks weren’t too long….

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Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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9 Responses to Keeping the audience awake

  1. Frank W. Summers III says:

    Lord Norton,
    The world is more casual about many things in many auditoria and colleges than was the case in the nineteenth and early twentieth century but so far I think lecturers have no widely been invited to provide rhetorical lullaby services. Therefore I am guessing you are correct.

  2. maude elwes says:

    My fear is not a pyjama clad audience at all, but, the idea that the Presidential power in the USA has Presidential power over the UK.

    • Frank W. Summers III says:

      Maude Elwes,
      It is difficult to quantify US power in general. The measure that stands out the most in our favor is tom compare aircraft carriers. The other measures range to many that are far less compelling. Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar as was the current governor of my own State who emigrated in utero from a British Commonwealth country. The Bush family come from several lines that had their females debut before the British Monarchs at the Court of Saint James. Barack Obama’s father came to Harvard riding the energy of politics very much coming out of a British access in African Politics ( he being anti-British) and while all this may seem normal to you it is less normal to the inidigenous, Dutch, Swedish, French, Acadian, Spanish and Mexican cultural communities in the USA who have deep roots and proud histories and are not entirely incompetent. I think the USA may have some sway undesired by some in the UK. I know the UK has vast influence in the US both desired and undesired. America and Britain will have to interact a great deal that much is certain. Judging from how swimmingly you and I get along that should be lovely….

      • maude elwes says:

        What on earth does your perception of your leaders heritage have to do with power over my country and my fellow Brit?

        And, for goodness sake, what are you talking about, we all have a family trees of one sort or another. Why are you so stuck in the idea that a ‘known’ line of slaves, or a known line of anything else gives a person the right of passage to leadership? You want to be lead by dynasty, well good on you. Get to it and lobby for same in your local state. We are not in need of more despots here.

        Dynasty or rights to rule by heritage is the thinking of a numb scull. I don’t care if you are led by a line of well bred monkeys, as long as those same monkeys don’t feel they have the where with all to rule over me.

    • Frank W. Summers III says:

      You are amazingly ill considered in so much that you have to say. At this moment Pashtuns, Persians and Arabs demand to be understood by an exstablishment often too dumbed down to see their interactions clearly. The reality is people do care about where on comes from and “Tonga for the Tongans”, “Fiji for the Fijians”, “Home Rule” in Ireland, Indianismo in the PRI, Mestizo rule in Anti-Diaz politics, Know-Nothing Nativism in the US, Race Relation laws used in London today and countless other constitutional movements around the world on all sides of the political spectrum have in common that they do not relate to your comment or to dynastic rule in any significant way. Pseudo-Britishism is a real and really oppressive American phenomenon which has dumbed down our society and yet also obscure both our relations with the real UK and our own British heritage. The relations between the UK and the US are not based in reality for a number of reasons but there is far more manipulation of despotic cultural influences from Britain than going from the US to your islands. These issues are very real and the “Special Relationship” has obscured real diplomacy and internal work for both countries for quite some time. America has arguably held Britain under something like a Client relationship twice ( I do not beleive we ever did — Ionly said arguably). Once after the Normandy Invasion and before Hiroshima in World War II and once after testing the Hydrogen Bomb and before regularization of British nuclear forces. Other than that the US has exercised a diffuse destabilizing effect on Britain since 1776 and has been subject to sustained manipulation by tghe British establishment, This basically hostile geoploitical rubric has been offsset by clear and limited hot and cold war alliances ans by a great deal of trade, interpersonal friendship and cultural exchange. Neither party is likely to move to another planet soon.

      • Lord Norton says:

        Now, you two, behave yourselves. The post is about me keeping the audience awake with my scintillating talks…

      • maude elwes says:

        I don’t see my take on the US/UK political situation as ill considered. From personal experience I have watched Britain absorb highly dangerous, ill thought out US policies in all the matters you raise. I am not a believer in the policy of unrestricted Globalization, which is what the UK and the EU have been foolish enough to embrace, pushed by US aggression. And I am not of the belief that financial markets or the manipulations of, should be in a position to impose a make or break situation on world currencies or governments. That is suicide to any notion of democracy.

        And if I am ill advised, as you suggest, then best to leave me to my own ignorant machinations on these matters, as I am not worth your effort and nothing you can pass on will enlighten me.

  3. maude elwes says:

    I am sure your talks are indeed scintillating Lord Norton, and well worth the wait for. And, yes, I shall bear in mind your graceful nod in my direction.

    • Frank W. Summers III says:

      Lord Norton,
      I will not be outdone by Maude Elwes and assure you that I seldom even comment on your blog or listen to your lectures online in my pjs.

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