Pseudo-tweets of the week…

It has been a fairly busy week, hence the reason for the light posting.

Monday.  As covered in my previous post, as soon as I finished teaching, it was a case of rushing to get the train to Westminster in time for the Joint Committee on the Draft House of Lords Bill and our regular three-hour meeting.

Tuesday.  Private meeting with a senior member of the Commons, then off to Portcullis House to speak to a Teachers’ Seminar on Parliament, speaking on the role of committees in the Lords.  As soon as that concluded, I had to rush to the British Academy for a seminar on individual electoral registration.  Back to the House for the afternoon meeting of the Merits of Statutory Instruments Committee.  In the evening, to Speaker’s House for the 1911 Centenary Lecture by Tristram Hunt on Tony Benn.  Tony Benn was present, along with a large contingent of the Benn family.

Wednesday.  Morning given over to the Constitution Committee, taking evidence on judicial appointments.  A meeting of the executive of the Association of Conservative peers is followed by a meeting of the Association.  To Grand Committee in the Moses Room at 3.45 for a debate on the Constitution Committee report on the process of constitutional change.  I focus in my speech on the Government’s response which is a  prime example of how not to write a response – it is dreadful.  We finish shortly after 6.00 – I have to leave immediately to get the Eurostar to Paris.

Thursday.  At the National Assembly in Paris, speaking at a conference on the role of opposition.  I focus on structured opposition in Westminster parliaments, but put the discussion in a wider conceptual framework.  It is a day-long gathering.

Friday.  Back to London via Eurostar and to Westminster where the Lords is sitting for a debate initiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury on the position of Christians in the Middle East.  I then get on with paperwork.   Proofs of my article on ‘Speaking for the people: a Conservative narrative of democracy’ arrive.  I’ll be travelling back to Hull this evening.

A weekend of marking beckons….

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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1 Response to Pseudo-tweets of the week…

  1. Frank W. Summers III says:

    Lord Norton,
    A recognition of good work and a wish for much success are my thoughts as the Archbishop of Canterbury leads this meeting. I think almost nothing that has any chance of being undertaken to benefit the position of Christians in the region is nearly enough. Yet compared to apathy a high profile meeting of this sort is very likely to be a good thing.

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