Reform but don’t elect

I had a short article in today’s conservativehome making the case for reform and against election of the House of Lords.   You can read it here.  It contains no particular surprises for regular readers.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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2 Responses to Reform but don’t elect

  1. ladytizzy says:

    My usual apologies for posting o/t but I’m bothered and bewildered (but not bewitched) with:
    Why include searching on official party responses?

    Separately, during today’s Daily Politics, Mr Shapps claimed that 12 weeks is too long for consultation periods, one reason for hold-ups in legislation. Is this official Conservative policy?

    • Lord Norton says:

      ladytizzy: On your second point, I would hope not. There are problems if the period is shortened as, on occasion, it is. I am not sure that wanting to speed up the legislative process is necessarily a good thing.

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