The day Mrs T resigned…

One of our graduates, Warren Morgan, has been in touch to share his reminiscences of one particular class way back in 1990:

“My claim to fame in the Politics Dept is that I was giving a presentation in one of Lord Norton’s seminars in November 1990 when the phone rang and kept ringing. After some time he gave in and answered, said “Yes, I will call you back” and put the phone down. He then said calmly “The Prime Minister has resigned. Do carry on Mr Morgan.” Of course all I and the others in the tutorial wanted to do was run out shouting, but there was still an hour to go…”

Actually, as I recall, the ‘phone kept ringing, I declined to answer it (my normal practice when I am teaching), and it was only when a secretary put her head round the door to explain that various media were trying to reach me that I answered.  The students subsequently left the room while I did a live interview, we then resumed – Mr Morgan presenting his paper very professionally – but the ‘phone kept ringing, more interviews, and eventually we reached the end of the class with Mr Morgan still half-way through his paper.  We decided that we would have to postpone the paper and the discussion until the next class, otherwise we would have been there all day.

I like to think it was a character-building experience for Mr Morgan. He went on to be elected Student Union President, followed by another of our students, one Tom Watson…

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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2 Responses to The day Mrs T resigned…

  1. Millicent S says:

    I was in my first year of secondary school when this happened and I remember it well because we were given time out of lessons to go and watch TV to see Mrs T’s resignation speech. I think that was when I realised the significance of politics in my life.

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