35 years on…

Time flies.  This month marks the 35th anniversary of my joining the Hull University Politics Department.   I have previously written about how the appointment almost didn’t happen: it was very much a last-minute rush.  Anyway, I took up the appointment and have remained – I have been in the department doctor, professor and lord. 

It is difficult beat the combination of an excellent department, a collegiate approach, a splendid working environment (I would have difficulty getting an office of the same size elsewhere), an attractive campus (the groundstaff do a fantastic job – the campus is a blaze of colour at this time of year), the conveniences of living in Hull, and the fact that we attract good students who value what we are able to offer – and who also tend to become very attached to the university and the city.

Anyway, as is my habit when it comes to an anniversary, I had better start organising a celebratory reception….

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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2 Responses to 35 years on…

  1. franksummers3ba says:

    Congratulations on the milestone of real merit and significance…

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