Eminent Parliamentarians

All the editorial work on Eminent Parliamentarians – the volume of Speaker’s Lectures held last year to mark the centenary of the passage of the Parliament Act 1911 – is now complete.   It has taken longer than expected, though the final part – compiling the index – I managed to complete quicker than anticipated.  The book is being published by Biteback Publishing next month.  You can find details here.  If you order it now through Amazon, you can get it at a discount.

The Speaker, John Bercow, has written the foreword and I have written the introduction.  Otherwise, the contents comprise the eleven lectures, starting with Kenneth (Lord) Morgan on Lloyd George and ending with Tristram Hunt on Tony Benn, given in Speaker’s House.  There is various additional information, including biographical notes on the subjects and further reading. 

I have just realised that this constitutes the thirtieth book I have authored or edited (not including new editions).  I may organise a celebration.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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5 Responses to Eminent Parliamentarians

  1. franksummers3ba says:

    Lord Norton,
    That is quite an achievement. I suppose it is a rather elite company although it is harder to exactly who is in it than most…

  2. Neil M says:

    Barbara Cartland could knock that sort of number out in a year.

  3. Paul n says:

    Great to hear that it is now available to order, it will be good to read through the lectures again. They were all excellent, do you know Lord Norton if Mr. Speaker is planning on having another series of lectures or was it just a one off to commemorate the centenary of the Parliament Act?

    • Lord Norton says:

      Paul n: There is a Speaker’s Lecture series under way this year, with a lecture every month other than August (same as last year). They are on Government and Parliament and are being delivered by the eleven MPs who have held one of the great offices of state other than PM. This month’s was delivered by Margaret Beckett and next month’s is being given by George Osborne. Each is broadcast by BBC Parliament. (Margaret Beckett’s was aired last Saturday.) I don’t know yet if there are plans to publish them.

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