Getting under way

The new academic year began today.  New students have arrived, students on placement are settling in at Westminster, and those who have been on placement are back and getting ready for their final year.  Returning students will notice various changes.  There is a new science block (the Allum Building) and in the Wilberforce Building Zucchini’s cafe has been completely refurbished.  Graduates of several years’ standing may not recognise the picture – it is the new entrance to the Wilberforce Building, the interior now boasting rather splendid modern lecture theatres.  Graduates of several decades’ standing may be surprised to learn we even have a cafe in the Wilberforce Building.


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Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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2 Responses to Getting under way

  1. Neil M says:

    Before I start getting surprised about the presence or otherwise of a cafe, I can’t even place the Wilberforce Building – is this what used to be the Social Sciences block?
    Good to know that the interior is splendid, because the exterior view seems designed to give the Prince of Wales apoplexy.

  2. Lord Norton says:

    Neil M: It is indeed the old Social Science Building, since renamed (like the other buildings on campus). I fear it will never be used for an episode of Poirot, but at least the interior is excellent – and those of us who work in the building don’t have to spend the day looking at it. We can admire the other buildings – a pleasant mix of redbrick and modern – which are quite attractive. The grounds are splendid – I may post a picture.

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