Welcome – caption competition

Today was taken up with a University Open Day.  There was a good turnout of potential applicants and my colleagues and I were kept busy explaining what we had to offer.  Here’s a picture of me, looking keen and ready for business, at the Politics Stand.  The picture was taken by one of our PhD students, Tim Oliver, who also thought it would lend itself to a caption competition.  So over to you.  There will be a prize for the reader offering what, in my estimation, is the most amusing caption.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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16 Responses to Welcome – caption competition

  1. Lord Norton prepares for the screaming fans barely contained behind the front doors.

  2. CRAiG B says:

    After years of waiting, the ‘House of Lords Reform (Bring And Buy Sale) Act’ completed its final stages in Parliament today

  3. Hull Professor and Conservative Peer Philip Norton raises funds through a book sale to build a replica of the most famous tower of the Westminster Palace at the University.”Essential” said Norton.

  4. 21st century says:

    “Just a smal sample of what I wrote this week,” says proud author, Professor Norton.

  5. Lord Norton settled down for another University Open Day, little suspecting that the LogoBugs were plotting his demise …

  6. Dean B says:

    “I’ll have 2 from the top and 3 from anywhere else please, Carol.”

  7. Neil M says:

    Academic realises that he may have overdone his preparation for the speed dating evening.

  8. maudie33 says:

    ‘What disclosure requirement? Once we leave EU juriisdiction we will withdraw from the Human Rights Act oppression altogether. And the fun is, along with our projections on secret courts and inquests, we shall have free reign as British sovereignty dictates. Why fear being resident in such an open environment? We extradite only ‘terrorists’ to the US, not those using PC’s in student residence…. No worries, quickly, just put your X here.’

  9. D F Rostron says:

    No. 1. In the picture of Westminster behind me, the tower appears to lean, but is it to the left or to the right?

    No. 2. Will all politics students please remember they are here to labour over there studies, are to be conservation with their alchol consumption, and are not to be too liberal with their study time.

  10. ladytizzy says:

    By ditching his old tie, Lord Norton shows his displeasure at having to wear a name tag.

  11. Lord Norton says:

    Some superb entries – I am going to be spoilt for choice. Some I thought were brilliant. Let’s see if anyone can top those already submitted….

  12. Rob Falconer says:

    In case of an attack by a crazed student, Lord Norton had been advised to protect himself with large quantites of thick pamphlets

  13. D F Rostron says:

    For only four years of input from you, I offer you a future.

  14. D F Rostron says:

    Collecting donations to save the leaning tower of Westminster

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