And the winner is….

There were some excellent entries to the competition to find the most appropriate caption for this picture.  They were notable for their quantity and their quality.  I was spoilt for choice and narrowed it down to two or three before selecting a winner.  I also formed a small panel drawn randomly from the two peers in the office at lunchtime, namely Baroness O’Cathain and Lord Lucas.  They read through the entries, laughed aloud at a good many, but fortunately laughed the loudest at the one that I had selected as the winner. 

I can thus announce that the winning entry is Neil M with:

 “Academic realises that he may have overdone his preparation for the speed dating evening.”

There are two runners-up:

21st Century with: “‘Just a small sample of what I wrote this week’ says proud author Professor Norton.”  [Not sure why that appealed so much; possibly the same reason why I liked Andrew Ian Dodge’s entry.]

Dean B with “I’ll have 2 from the top and 3 from anywhere else please, Carol.”

There is a special commendation from my judging panel for Craig B’s entry: “After years of waiting the ‘House of Lords Reform (Bring and Buy Sale) Act’ completed its final stages in Parliament today.”   [I think it’s a Lords thing.]

Congratulations to Neil M. I will arrange for him to receive a special prize, which may be in the form of a book (see previous posts).  Many thanks to all readers who submitted an entry.  I may well offer another caption competition shortly…


About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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5 Responses to And the winner is….

  1. ladytizzy says:

    Excellent choice; the rest of us will have to up our game!

  2. ladytizzy says:

    O/t, I note that you have forwarded an amendment* to be moved in Committee re Electoral Registration and Administration Bill, one discussed here (and LotB, possibly) in the past. Is there a possibility that Lord Lexton’s question** (extending ex-pat voting rights) be considered, or is too late?

    Many thanks.

    ** (Col WA11)

  3. ladytizzy says:

    I was absolutely delighted to see Lord Lexden’s proposals included in the marshalled list of amendments (alongside his other concerns) as above, and look forward to next week’s debate.

  4. fantastic willing entry, made me laugh too

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