Foreign travels

In autumn of last year, I spoke at two conferences, one in Bern and the other at the French National Assembly in Paris.   This autumn, I shall also be travelling twice to the continent to speak.  As regular readers will know, I am giving a Lectio magistralis at the Italian Chamber of Deputies (pictured) in Rome.  This is to take place on 13 November, on the subject of ‘The role of the Parliament in the modern age’.  I have also agreed to speak the following month to the Dutch Society for Constitutional Law, looking at the changing role of the legislature in relation to other branches of government.  The conference is taking place at the University of Leiden.  I spoke to the society’s conference six years ago, when it was held in Maastricht.

Readers will not be surprised to learn that I shall be travellling to both by train.  I have been busy making the arrangments.  I have been to Leiden before, but this will be a first for travelling to Rome.  My previous visits to Italy were be air.  Train travel allows me to see the country as well as get on with work.  It also has the advantage that I avoid flying!

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Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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6 Responses to Foreign travels

  1. franksummers3ba says:

    Lord Norton,
    With your relatively well developed interest in correct titles and their significance (although mostly in a British context so far as I have seen) I would be curious to plant a query in your espert ears on a subject you might not chance to think about otherwise. Unlikely as it is to make a blog post, it would be interesting to see if you come from from the Netherlands with any observations about the titles held by the same person simultaneously heading the House of Orange, holding royal rights on Estates and palaces as well as in international affairs and also holding what some would call really republican titles. In addition arguably this system has been a bit confused by British influence in the last two centuries. This balance of titles and their meanings has evolved over time. It has certainly had influence in and outside of Holland and I wonder what casual conversation in that environment might reveal to you…

    • Lord Norton says:

      franksummers3ba: The short answer is none so far; I am a fairly regular visitor to the Netherlands as well as having spoken to the conference before. I may see if I can pick anything up on this occasion.

  2. Croft says:

    LN, any chance of post on votes at 16 regarding the legal mechanics. I understood Scotland must use the electoral register for all elections and can’t order changes to its collection/data. How then can they grant votes for those aged 16 (or at least those under 16 and 10 months which I think the roll has some data on)?

    • Lord Norton says:

      Croft: This is precisely the query that has been raised by a number of parliamentarians. There are rather obvious practical difficulties, and enabling some 16-year olds to vote and not others raises rather serious issues. I may come back to the issue.

  3. I am sure our friend in Rome will be looking forward to showing you around, I here he has taken several walks of interested already

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