Selecting the winning entry

David DavisHull Politics Department holds an annual sixth-form conference.  The ninth was held yesterday.  Speakers included Conservative MP David Davis (pictured), Professor Philip Cowley and Dr Matt Beech, as well as a panel including MPs Diana Johnson and Andrew Percy.  What was new this year was that students were encouraged to tweet during the course of the conference (#HullPoliticsSFC).   The chair of the conference, Mark Stuart, offered £20 for the best tweet; I also offered a copy of Eminent Parliamentarians as a prize.

There were a great many tweets during the day.  Here is just a selection:

‘They talk about how politicians take bribes then get us all tweeting by offering us £20’

‘This is the best tweet, ps I have no money to buy christmas presents and my mum would love that book’

‘no point trying to think of a good tweet I just want £20 please’

‘HullPoliticsDep made me fall in love with politics again.  I still don’t like David Cameron’

‘”Are MPs revolting?” I was hoping for a day without hearing about Ed Miliband’

‘I’m sweating like a Lib Dem MP in a room full of students’

‘Question Time panel looks like a terrible pop band reunion’

‘Anybody normal going to ask a question?’

‘I love MPs, you ask them a question and they answer a completely different one’

‘do you have a small puppy under the table? the cloth keeps moving’

‘Fellow Scotsman needing the £20!’

‘this day will be up there with the birth of my children and my wedding’

‘when I saw ‘state-funded parties’ earlier I thought they meant we should go to the govt for confetti and mini-sausages’

‘Think if I won the £20 I’d just stick it in an offshore account’

‘If all the lectures are of this standard, I think I’ve decided which uni I want to go to’

‘I found that the University of Nottingham’s first frequency time graph (referred to as sex life) was very inaccurate!’

‘That’s not a graph of my sex life… It’s not a flat line along the bottom..’

Not likely to win:

‘Give me the £20 and you can keep the book’

And that’s just a small sample.  You would have needed to be at the conference to appreciate some of the others – especially the reference to ties and the chair’s imitation of an air steward…

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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8 Responses to Selecting the winning entry

  1. maude elwes says:

    What a good example of the talent we have in this country.

    What they are telling you is, they know you thought you saw them coming but they are not as gullible as believed. .

  2. ladytizzy says:

    Only two and a half years in, even with Lib Demmers forever getting the gas and brake pedals mixed up, and yet the next generation understands the correlation between effort and reward.

  3. maude elwes says:

    Here is a discussion by, Elizabeth Warren, from a Harvard talk of some years ago. But just as relevant today. Have a little listen, it’s not too long and is all about being a Conservative middle class ‘striver’ and what has happened to your expectations as a result.


  4. Dean B says:

    I would be interested on your thoughts on Twitter after a couple of months on there. Looking at the way you use it, interact with your students, re-tweet others’ comments etc, I would say you have taken to it like a duck to water and are a textbook example of how it can be used effectively. I feel slightly smug having been in the “yes” camp all along (when you used to ask if you should join it). Those who cautioned about how you would to lapse into incoherent txt spk, with the 140 character limit rendering tweets meaningless should, I think, follow your lead in taking a look at how it can be used effectively.

    • Lord Norton says:

      Dean B: Thanks. I’m getting used to it but am contemplating a post about the merits and demerits of Twitter. I don’t think there was ever much likelihood of me lapsing into text-speak!

  5. “Question Time panel looks like a terrible pop band reunion” would have to be my favourite. I think Andrew Percy would have made an excellent lead singer.

    • Lord Norton says:

      Tim Oliver: I tried them out on one of my classes, and, in addition to the first two listed, they favoured the one about the Lib Dem MP in a room of students and the one about someone normal asking a question!

  6. I think i liked this one best ‘They talk about how politicians take bribes then get us all tweeting by offering us £20′

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