Getting on with research

Lord Norton MSP_7922In terms of my research projects, I have done a quick post about them on Lords of the Blog.  I am working to meet some tight deadlines – it is going to be all go between now and Easter (and including Easter).  A further incentive is that I need to complete them before a large number of undergraduate dissertations are submitted.  That’s right, more marking…

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Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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6 Responses to Getting on with research

  1. I find that the one virtue of deadlines is in their power to concentrate the mind… Good luck with your research!

    I would be particularly interested to hear details about your forthcoming research on Parliament and human rights; that is the focus of my PhD thesis at the moment. One of the chapters draws heavily on work you have done in the past on the concept of institutionalisation, so I would be particularly interested to read your thoughts on the topic of Parliament and human rights. I look forward to its publication!

    Take care.

    • Lord Norton says:

      Matthew Burton: Many thanks. If you contact me in due, course I can send details of the publication. It is a subject I plan to develop and bring together researchers on the subject, so I may well be in touch.

  2. franksummers3ba says:

    Lord Norton,
    We’re glad to hear from you I am sure. While you indicated a lack of excitement in your comment on Juggling the diary. I think it may be mostly a lack of controversy. It is difficult to disagree with you about the facts of your daily routine, assess the points you ponder about unspecified research projects or argue about the political implications of even the loftiest chores described as chores. I am mildly interested at least. But I am never likely to say “Consider whether you are truly marking papers…” and expect that to be a fruitful line of discussion.

  3. ladytizzy says:

    Strangely, no-one has seen George “Mr Excitement” Bush and Lord Norton in the same room together.

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