It may be a book…

IMG_0113[1]Many thanks for all the suggestions as to how to describe my new publication on the 1922 Committee.  The entries were on a par with a caption competition (but without the prize!).  I rather liked the suggestions of describing it as a treatise or a monograph.  Both would apply, but they would not solve the problem in that using either would not create a discrete category of publication: a number of my books are treatises and monographs.  A booklet would create a distinct category, but may not quite do justice to it in terms of length.  I did think of creating a category of ‘short monographs’.  I think I may go with that.  I would thus have separate sections for books, short monographs, pamphlets, book chapters, articles etc.  Then again, I think Jana and D F Rostron may have a point.  I could treat it as a short book – it has an ISBN – and include it as a book.  I will wait until it is published and then decide (if it looks like a book, feels like a book…).  Watch this space.

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Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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2 Responses to It may be a book…

  1. D F Rostron says:

    I thought I would see what the Dictionary definition is, BOOK n. 1. a number of printed or written pages bound together along one edge and usually protected by covers. 2 a. a written work or composition, such as a novel, reference work, technical manual, or dictionary.

    What ever subdivision you put it into it still sounds like a book to me. If it looks like a book…..etc, etc

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