Publication week

ShowJacketCAD7UNGNThis week sees the publication of both the 2nd edition of Parliament in British Politics (Palgrave Macmillan) and my short monograph, The Voice of the Backbenchers. The 1922 Committee: the first 90 years, 1923-2013 (Conservative History Group).   To mark the publication of the former, receptions are being held in both Hull and at the Lords.   The latter is being published to coincide with a reception organised by the 1922 Committee to mark its 90th anniversary.  The reception is being held 90 years to the day since the meeting of the 1922 Committee at which it agreed its principles and elected officers.

The second edition of Parliament in British Politics is much changed from the first edition and substantially longer.  So much has happened since the first edition was published in 2005 – both within Parliament and in terms of the constitutional framework within which it operates – that I had to pen four new chapters as well as make major revisions to others: one chapter was dropped and two others merged into one. 

I am now at work on the proofs of the 8th edition of Politics UK.  I also have in press chapters for different books on Parliament and human rights, the oratory of Enoch Powell, and the Parliament Act 1911 in its historical context.  I managed to get these out of the way before the spring marking season.  That season is just beginning.  Expect light blogging as a result!

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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  1. Tory Boy says:

    Lord Norton,

    I have not seen Baroness Thomas of Walliswood in the House of Lords for a while is she in unwell?

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