Available from all good bookshops…

The 2nd edition of Parliament in British Politics was published on Friday.   A book launch was held in the Politics Department on Thursday.  The picture shows some of the enthusiastic students holding up one of the flyers for the book.   There was a competition for students to come up with the best poem or verse about Parliament, with a copy of the book for the winner.  The winning entry, from Dehenna Davison, was designed to be sung to the tune of ‘Hey, Jude’.

So much has happened since the first edition was published in 2005 that the book has been substantially revised, with four new chapters, two existing chapters merged, and all the rest revised, sometimes rather substantially.  The changes are reflected in the length.  The first edition was 289 pages and this one is 336.

The book is available from all good bookshops.  One student was proud of the fact that on Friday he was the first to get a copy from the consignment as it arrived at Waterstone’s on campus.   The paperback is available at under £25.  Yes, a snip at £24.99.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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7 Responses to Available from all good bookshops…

  1. Croft says:

    My experience of politics departments is they are very male. Yet unless the pictures LN show us are unrepresentative he seems to have a considerable female representation.

  2. ladytizzy says:

    Perhaps “Beware of a single man with a book”?

  3. Where would I have been without your many publications when I studied at Hull, talking of which that gets you a mention in my latest blog post: http://macarthursmutterings.wordpress.com/ Fond memories oh Hull indeed…..

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