Caption competition for May

064Someone on Twitter did suggest I use the picture in the last post as the basis for a caption competition, but I decided a door may not be the most exciting of subjects.  Instead, I have opted for a photograph taken at the Hull reception for the publication of the 2nd edition of Parliament in British Politics.  The picture shows three of Hull’s finest – Ben Goldsborough, Ross Picton and Stephen Hankinson – holding flyers for the book.

The reader coming up with what in my judgment is the wittiest caption will win a copy of one of my recent publications.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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22 Responses to Caption competition for May

  1. Daniel Wood says:

    Hull Mafia Recruitment Drive- Pick up a free flyer for information on how to apply.

  2. Prof. Norton teaches his students the hidden skill that will serve them so well for a career in Westminster politics. “The book hold”.

  3. “Of course we know they are just flyers! Who can afford whole academic books these days?”

  4. Jonathan says:

    These books are rather on the thin side. It’s more of a short monograph really.

  5. Three Hull University Students were placed on academic probation tonight following what has been dubbed a ‘book sales for essay marks’ scandal. Lord Norton was unavailable for comment claiming to be “locked in the office”.

  6. Non-BPLSer infiltrates clique in order to obtain free scones and orange juice.

  7. D F Rostron says:

    “We were told it was a thin book but this is super thin”

  8. Rob Falconer says:

    They’re selling well – everyone thinks it’s ‘The Big Issue’!

  9. Wenbo Chen says:

    People who need the 2nd edition of Parliament in British Politics are short and tall, thin and fat.

  10. Students mourn final printed edition of book as e-publishing sound death knell for printing industry.

  11. Shaun McDaid says:

    ‘”Parliament in British Politics” – also available in 3-D.’

  12. genorm says:

    Honestly, it’s fun packed – just wait till you see Page 3!

  13. Students prose-ing for the camera!

  14. Tory Boy says:

    The Lord Norton of Louth fan club is alive and well!

  15. Princeps Senatus says:

    The new Lord Norton book club is looking for members.

  16. Moira Haswell says:

    The boys were pleased that in spite of e-books, there was still some quality toilet paper out there for the flat.

  17. Dr Sean says:

    RE: Competition Title
    “Yes, it’s true. Read this and you too could be as cool as us.”
    Do I win Phil?

  18. Andrew says:

    “The boys were shocked to find that although the book was modest in size, the references to Norton’s pervious works were not”

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