A challenging competition…

[8]Time for another competition, as these seem popular with readers.  However, this time I thought I would set a real challenge.   The picture on the right is ‘The Trial of Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford’ by Thomas A. Woolnoth.  Strafford was impeached in 1641 and the picture shows his trial in Westminster Hall.  He defended himself so well that the impeachment failed, but Parliament then passed a Bill of Attainder. 

There will be a prize for the first reader who  can (a) identify where the painting now hangs in the Palace of Westminster; and (b) explain what links it with me.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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44 Responses to A challenging competition…

  1. Dave H says:

    Well, the obvious, but presumably wrong, answer is that it’s hanging in your office.

    • Dave H says:

      It was donated by Louth Town Council. So far I’ve got it in the Royal Gallery in 2010, but I suspect it’s moved since then.

      • Lord Norton says:

        Dave H: It was only in the Royal Gallery briefly for the purposes of it being presented by Louth Town Council to the Parliamentary Art Collection, before being placed in its permanent position.

    • Lord Norton says:

      Dave H: That was Baroness O’Cathain’s first comment – ‘well it’s not hanging in here’ – before going off on a tour of the Palace to try to locate it. At the time of writing, she is still on the tour.

  2. Natalie says:

    A) Parliamentary Art Collection? B) that it was donated by Louth Town Council?

    • Lord Norton says:

      Natalie: It is now one of the pictures in the (rather extensive) Parliamentary Art Collection, but where is it hanging in the Palace?

      • Natalie says:

        I spent well over an hour on Parliament virtual tours, looking for the painting. It is either real commitment or that I have too much time on my hands. I’m yet to find the answer to a)

  3. Ken Hope says:

    Palace of Westminster …..The Royal Gallery in the House of Lord’s

    Louth council donate painting to the House of Lords

    Louth council donate painting to the House of Lords

  4. mym says:

    you could have given a link to a bigger version!

    • The Duke of Waltham says:

      I have found a slightly bigger and lighter version than this:

      The work is listed in the British catalogue of oil paintings, though its precise location in the Palace of Westminster is not mentioned in the relevant entry.

  5. JH says:

    I’d hazard a guess on Committee Room 1 of the Lords (on a general thematic basis) but, given the cost, somewhere more prominent may be more likely?

  6. ladytizzy says:

    I am guessing Peer’s Corridor on the basis that it contains other stuff from that era.

  7. Donated by Louth Town Council. “It will be displayed within the large entertaining rooms of the House of Lords.” [Louth Town Council PN]

  8. Lord Norton says:

    ladytizzy and barry winetrobe: And which of the large entertaining rooms might that be?

  9. Dr Sean says:

    I thought there was a second part of the competition. The painting’s connection to Lord Norton. Nobody seems to have addressed that yet.

  10. Dr Sean says:

    It’s in the Members’ Dining Room.

  11. franksummers3ba says:

    I NOTE THE LACK OF LATENCY AND CONCEALMENT COMPARED TO THE QUIZ ON THE OTHER BLOG. I confirm that it is the trial of Stafford donated by the Louth Town Council which connects in to Lord Norton’s title. I think it may be in the members dining room. However, I would likely not have ventured this much except that I am currently indisposed to do much else.

  12. D F Rostron says:

    As the Government needs to raise funds could it be on the bric-a-brac stall with a price tag on it?

  13. Lord Norton says:

    Well, some of you have identified the link to me and one of you has actually identified the location where the painting presently hangs, but none of you has brought together both. The first one to do so wins the prize. And this time only one entry per person!

  14. Lord Norton says:

    I can confirm that it is not hanging in either the Royal Gallery or the Barry Room. That narrows it down a bit.

    • Dr Sean says:

      Yes, it’s obvious now, but as it’s only one entry per person I guess it’s only fair to leave it to someone else.

    • JH says:

      It is obvious to Dr Sean but (possibly because of the hour) not to me! It is not the members’ dining room as otherwise franksummers3ba would have both parts correct (but it might explain why Baroness O’Cathain had not spotted it). The Peers’ Dining Room seems to have a number of portraits rather than scenes whereas the Peers’ Guest Room appears to have at least one chamber-type picture and so I would guess the latter but as Lady Tizzy has mentioned that room and made the Louth / Strafford link if that’s correct she would appear to be the winner…

      • Dr Sean says:

        Yes, but as Lord Norton said, it’s the first person to reply with both parts correct, together – in one reply. Lady Tizzy mentioned both parts, but not in the one reply, so she hasn’t officially won yet, until she does. But, yes, in principle, I agree with you.

    • The Duke of Waltham says:

      I’m aware of the Pugin room, but I don’t recall ever hearing about a Barry Room. What is that?

  15. I am willing to say this room may not have the name I will give it. But the room nearly adjoining the Peers Dining Room which has perhaps a t times been known as the Peers Tea Room and is on the same basic line relative to the Peers Dining Room is my guess as to location. I assert that the donation of the “Trial of Stafford “by the Town Council of Louth is tie to Lord Norton’s Territorial titular designation. This rather verbose entry may be wrong but I hope is at least a valid entry. I feel a bit uncertain of that.

  16. maude elwes says:

    I cheated and rang the curators office. What did they tell me about it.? Not telling.

  17. franksummers3ba says:

    One can never tell from across the water if this may be a disqualifier. After all I have never received instructions on how to apply to schedule the Tea I won. But this is a link to my blog where there is an illustration of the room I mean. I do not intend this to be a double entry but if it is so be it….

    • Dr Sean says:

      I don’t think you’re correct Frank. I think it’s the Peers Dining Room & Louth Council, so as I say I think ladytizzy got it. Don’t you just love Lord Norton’s competitions (and blog) though?

  18. ladytizzy says:

    Courtesy and total fairness; I love this blog.

  19. Seems as good a place as any to congratulate all the UK on Murray recapturing the British title in Tennis for Britain at Wimbledon. Congrats . . .

  20. Lord Norton says:

    I have been rather pedantic in that one person has identified the link and later the correct place of the picture. I shall shortly put you out of your misery and announce that person as the winner….

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