I was being too modest….

015In my previous post I mentioned that I had four publications (three book chapters and a journal article) forthcoming.  I realise now that I was being too modest.  (I know. A perennial problem.)  At the time, I should have written that I had seven publications forthcoming.  I was overlooking two chapters being published in overseas publications.  I realised this yesterday when one of them arrived.  The paper I gave last December in Leiden to the conference of the Dutch Society for Constitutional Law, on ‘Maintaining the Balance? The relationship of parliaments to other branches of government’, has now been published in a volume entitled The Powers That Be (pictured).  This reminded me that the paper I gave at the French National Assembly almost two years ago is also about to be published.  I also recently sent off the manuscript for a short article, on the history of the 1922 Committee, being published shortly in the Conservative History Journal.  As you may expect, it draws on my study, The Voice of the Backbenchers.

Even with the arrival of the latest publication, my forthcoming publications, strictly speaking, still number seven as it has been agreed that an article I have forthcoming in the Asia-Pacific Law Review will later be published as a chapter in a book of essays. 

For those who may be interested, the topics covered by the forthcoming publications are the 1911 Parliament in its historical context (the proofs of the chapter have just arrived), the oratory of Enoch Powell, parliamentarianism in Europe in the 21st century, Parliament and human rights, the role of opposition in parliamentary systems, and -as mentioned – the 1922 Committee.  I shall shortly be at work on others: I have just accepted invitations to contribute chapters to two forthcoming volumes.  I shall also be getting round to penning a short article on what happens in the event of the sudden demise of the PM: I now have new material as a result of archival research.  Anyway, that’s the next few months sorted.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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