Just missed it…

44101The past couple of days have been an object lesson in just missing events.  The storm of yesterday disrupted rail travel: I eventually managed to get to London having driven to Doncaster late afternoon, caught a train to Peterborough and then shuttle train service to King’s Cross.  Anyway, I eventually made it.  The purpose of getting to Westminster was to attend the latest Speaker’s Lecture.  I have not missed one in the three years since they started.  I arrived to find that everything had just concluded and virtually everyone decanted Speaker’s House.  Bang goes my distinctive attendance record.  Only the Speaker has now attended every one.

As I had a 9.15 class this morning, I had a choice between catching a very late train last night (which I estimated would enable me to get back to Hull about 3.00 a.m.) or stay over and catch a very early train.  I opted for the latter and got to King’s Cross this morning just in time to catch the 5.50 departure, the first train to Doncaster.  In the event, it was redirected via a branch line (over-running engineering works) and then briefly delayed by a problem with the engine.  It got to Doncaster an hour late.  My 9.15 class started at 10.00 a.m.  At least I didn’t miss it.

I travelled back at lunchtime.  The train was delayed as a result of following other late running trains.  I got to the Lords to find I had just missed a committee meeting – and also a division.  The screens were still showing the division in progress, but by the time I got to the chamber the eight minutes had passed and the Brass Doors locked.  Yesterday’s massive delay also meant that I missed votes then as well. 

Oh well, at least I got work done, as I always do, on the train journeys.  Tomorrow’s another day.  And I won’t be on a train at any stage.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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3 Responses to Just missed it…

  1. Well you have one acquaintance on the northerly coasts of the Gulf of Mexico who empathizes with your inconveniences in the storm. Where such things rarely happen the disruption seems even more notable in some ways.

  2. Jonathan says:

    It’s a pity HS2 won’t be going anywhere near Hull. Have you ever tried delivering your classes via video link?

  3. maude elwes says:

    Surely, being a Lord and a very busy one, therefore having numerous perks, how is it you have no connection to a stand by helicopter provider. It will be a rather long time before we have any realistic fast train service covering the UK from top to bottom. I therefore would have thought, particularly in your case, expenses would cover this.

    If, as we read in our press, Prince Andrew, who has little or any important to the Tax payer activity, finds he is amply funded for by such speedy jaunts, why not you?

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