The Parliament Act in historical context

9781849464734The New Year has got off to a good start with the arrival of my latest publication.  It is a chapter, ‘Parliament Act 1911 in its Historical Context’, published in Law in Politics, Politics in Law, edited by David Feldman and published by Hart Publishing.  The chapter derives from a paper I gave on the Parliament Act at a conference, organised by the University of Cambridge Centre for Public Law in November 2011, to mark the centenary of the Act.  Regular readers will not be surprised to know that it builds on my 2011 History of Parliament Annual Lecture, which analysed the reasons for the passage of the Act.

The book has a broad range, with sections covering Lawyer-Politicians, Lawyers Advising Government, Politics and Legal Change (the section that includes my chapter), and Politics, the Constitution and Beyond.  You can click on the title of the book (above) for more details.


About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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4 Responses to The Parliament Act in historical context

  1. I am sure yours is the best chapter in the book 😉

  2. tizres says:

    An idea if you are ever minded to show your more whimsical side to a wider public: similar to the old game of listing one’s ideal dinner guests, how about whipping up your ideal Cabinet? Who (dead or alive) and into which job?

  3. Tony Sands says:

    I would like to read the above mentioned 2011 lecture. If a transcript is available and you have a spare moment could you let me know how I could access it? I have enjoyed reading your posts in 2013 and am pleased you find the time to keep in touch with your public! Many thanks and belated best wishes for the New Year.

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