And the winner is….

nortonDebate-1[1]I was spoilt for choice in deciding the winner of the latest caption competition.  There were many excellent entries.  I narrowed it down to half-a-dozen or so.  I know some of my close friends (those who don’t really understand me) would assume that Princeps Senatus would be a natural winner with: ‘Now look at me. Moi. Am I not the best looking professor at Hull, as well as being the smartest?’   However, I decided to focus on those that were geared more directly to the hand gesture and met my ‘laugh out loud’ test.  Barry Winetrobe and Richard Quirk came close to winning jointly with their ‘super glue’ entries and seanjm72 with his ‘At this point I do my Max Bygraves impression’ (though it may not resonate with younger readers).  Tony Sands merits a commendation for relating it to the special handshake for the Hull mafia.  My friends probably assumed (rightly) that DF Rostron was in with a shout with ‘At DIY, I’m all fingers and thumbs, but oratory, the words flow like fine wine’.

The one that made me laugh most when I read it, and hence is the winner, is Leon Ward with:  ‘Nick Clegg and David Cameron gel together just like this…’

If he would like to get in touch, I will arrange to despatch his prize.

Thanks to everyone who sent in entries.  I enjoyed them all.  Note to Princeps Senatus: feel free to hang on to the entry; it may come in handy for later caption competitions….

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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