Debating attitudes to conduct in public office…

indexOn Tuesday, there was Question for Short Debate (QSD) in the Lords, initiated by Lord Bew, the new chair of the Committee on Standards in Public Life.  It was on the Committee’s most recent survey on public attitudes towards conduct in public life.  It does not make for the most encouraging reading.

The number of speakers was such that, apart from Lord Bew and the minister, we each had three minutes.  I have summarised my short speech in a post on Lords of the Blog: it can be read hereFor those interested in seeing the full debate, it can be read here.  My concern was how we can raise trust, going beyond ensuring that politicians comply with the seven principles of public life (the Nolan principles).  That is the starting point, not the end point.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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1 Response to Debating attitudes to conduct in public office…

  1. maude elwes says:

    I went through most of this debate. It held my interest no end. Especially when the, ‘Noble Lords,’ suggested ‘what do you intend to do about it.’

    Thank you LN for putting this up here.

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