And the winner is….

052I was spoilt for choice in determining the winner  of the caption competition.  A good number certainly passed the test.  There was Princeps Senatus’ splendid, and very British, play on words. DF Rostron deserves a commendation for the quantity and the quality of his entries – each one would have been a worthy winner.  Tony Sands is close to following in his footsteps.  (His first entry is possibly not that far from the truth!)  I couldn’t help laughing when I first read Mario Rabaiotti’s ‘It was Lord Norton, in the Library, with the hole punch’.  And Barry Winetrobe is clearly following in Princep Senatus’ footsteps from the previous competition.  Some of my friends probably assumed ‘The University asked to see a small sample of what I published last year’ would win the competition on the spot – and it almost did.  Dean B managed to identify two books that will never be found on any of my  bookshelves!

Which then is the winner?  It was a close run thing, but I decided that the winner by a hair’s breadth was the first to be submitted.  Matt Korris wins with:

[David Attenborough voice-over] ‘And here we find a prime example of the political academic, content in his native habitat, surrounded as he is in his nest of books and journals.  This home has been painstakingly built up over a period of many years, and he must be careful that his enthusiasm for expansion doesn’t lead to a devastating literature landslide that would trap him inside permanently…’

If he lets me know which book he would prefer (Eminent Parliamentarians or The Voice of the Backbenchers), I will arrange for it to be delivered.   The other contributors may take pride in the fact that they were so close to winning.  They may also take heart in that another competition will be along in the not too distant future.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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