Winning the Easter competition…

Lord Norton Speaking at Politics Reception MSP_9852 copyThere were some splendid entries for the latest caption competition.  All the ones that focused on hand movements were very good.  Mark John Stratton was also in contention with ‘So when do I tell him that he hasn’t switched the microphone on?’  Several made me laugh, but the one that I thought was the wittiest, and – how shall I put this? – raised no issues of taste and decency, was Mark Shephard with:

If he goes on about Lords reform much longer I’m going to need a chair…

It is yet again a case of the first entry proving the winner.  I will be touch with the winner to arrange for delivery of his prize.


About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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One Response to Winning the Easter competition…

  1. I was robbed… don’t mind losing to THE Mark Shephard though 😉

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